EZ-B v4 & IoTiny

Serial/USB Connectivity

The EZ-B v4.x/2 and IoTiny v4 may be configured to for direct wired connection to a PC. The connectivity uses the camera port of the EZ-B, which provides serial TX/RX data lines and GND. Connecting these 3 wires (tx/rx/gnd) to a USB/Serial adapter will allow EZ-Builder a direct connection to the EZ-B.

What You Will Need


Upgrade To Lastest Firmware

This feature may require a firmware upgrade for the EZ-B v4.x/2 or IoTiny. Load the respective firmware update utility that is installed with EZ-Builder from the Microsoft Windows Start Menu.


Connect Wires To Cable

Use 3 wires from the Jumper Cable Kit which will be inserted into one end of the EZ-B v4 Camera Cable (25cm) as seen in the photos below.


Connect Wires to USB Serial Adapter

Now connect the EZ-B's RX cable to the TX of the serial adapter, the EZ-B's TX to the RX of the serial adapter, and the GND to GND.


Configure EZ-B via Web Admin

Connect to your EZ-B's WiFi and visit the web server (default is Select the ADVANCED tab and change the baud rate to the highest speed setting if supported by your USB Serial Adapter. Otherwise, select any of the lower speeds. Press SAVE and the EZ-B will reboot. The EZ-B will now no longer accept connections via WiFi other than services such as HTTP and Telnet. To restore WiFi connections to ez-builder, either log into the web interface and DISABLE the serial connectivity or press the reset button on the EZ-B. The EZ-B camera will no longer function when the Serial connectivity is enabled.


Configure EZ-Builder for Baud Rate

Configure the Connection Control settings to the specified baud rate to match that configured in the EZ-B web interface.


Connecting To EZ-B from EZ-Builder

You will no longer require the WiFi connectivity for the EZ-B, which means the connection occurs over the usb serial cable. Once the USB Serial Adapter is inserted into the computer, load EZ-Builder. The Connection Control will display detected COM ports when the address is LEFT Clicked with the mouse. Select the COM port and connect as you normally would with WiFi. The connection status will not make a connect or disconnect chime as with the WiFi.


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Last updated 1/5/2017

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