Finally, you don't need to be an Engineer to own a robot!
A hexapod robot with 6 legs and 12 degrees of freedom. Customize Six with additional EZ-Bits using Clip 'n' Play Technology.

JD is a humanoid robot. His body shape is built to resemble that of the human body. Easily create animations to customize movements.

Roli is a planetary rover styled robot. 13 Clip'n'Play connections make this robot very customizable!

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EZ-Builder Software
Drag'n'Drop controls to customize your robot behaviours. Add Speech Recognition, Vision Tracking, WiiMote Control, Autonomous Navigation... hundreds more!

Robot Control From Android or iOS

  Download or create custom robot apps for your mobile device with our Drag'n'Drop interface builder.

Share your creations with the world on the App Store!

Optionally 3D Print Your Custom Robot
If you are a 3D Printer owner, our EZ-Builder Software includes the entire Revolution EZ-Bit library which you can 3D Print!

Why Choose EZ-Robot?



EZ-B v4

3D Printing

Clip'n'Play Technology makes customizing your robot easy World's easiest and most scalable robot control software Most powerful and versatile WiFi robot controller brain 3D Printer owners can save money by printing EZ-Bits at home, work or school Connect with EZ-Robot users from more than 120 countries

Create and Share
Get creative and design your robot using EZ-Builder and the built-in 3D Designer. Sharing your designs also creates automated 3D instructions for others to follow!

Simplicity Inspires Creativity
EZ-Bits connect securely with Clip'n'Play Technology. EZ-Clip connections are strong to support arms, grippers, cameras, sensors and more!

EZ-Robot Provides Enterprise Solutions
Don't reinvent the wheel...
Save time and money on Research & Development by powering your product with EZ-Robot.

STEM Education
Prepare students for the approaching industry of Robotics. EZ-Robot in the K-12 classroom produces immediate results. Students engage the platform to create, design and learn while solving real-world problems with robotics... and easy to teach!