EZ-B v4 & IoTiny

EZ-B v4.x Datasheet & Communication Protocol


Every electrical component that you will come across has a "Data Sheet". Every microchip, every resistor, even every diode... The datasheet is a document that is published by the manufacturer which explains the characteristics. Inside the datasheet, you will find information about operating temperature limitations, power consumption, and a lot more. This datasheet (link below) is packed full of technical information regarding the EZ-B v4. As a user of the Developer Kit or EZ-B v4 for a custom robot, it is recommended to review the datasheet.

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This is the end of lessons specific to the EZ-Robot Developer Kit. However, do not fear because we are not abandoning you yet! The button below (Return to Course Listing) will bring you to the Courses LEARN section of our website. The LEARN section can be accessed anytime by pressing the LEARN menu option from the top menu. Although you will find information about Revolution Robots, the software courses are equally as relevant to your Developer Kit. The software courses will explain how to load EZ-Builder, what EZ-Builder is, and how to add controls for moving servos, etc.. So, press that Return to Course Listing button and let's get started!

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Last updated 9/29/2016

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