Revolution Roli

Microsoft Cognitive Vision

Join the Robot overlord DJ Sures and Professor E as they demonstrate how to use the Microsoft Cognitive Vision plugin with EZ-Builder and Revolution EZ-Robots. This episode teaches machine learning and artificial intelligence that you can follow along step-by-step. Using the Cognitive Vision plugin, your robot will describe what it sees in the camera view using one of the World's most advanced technologies. How accurate is it, you may ask? Well, watch and see!

What You Will Need

  • JD, Six, Roli, AdventureBot or Developer Kit
  • Windows PC with EZ-Builder installed

This activity requires a connection to both the robot and internet at the same time. This is because the service used in the activity requires connectivity to a server on the internet. This can be achieved by either adding a second USB WiFi adapter to your PC, or setting the robot's EZ-B into Client Mode.

Here is a fantastic short video that DJ Sures posted using a combination of the Microsoft Cognitive Emotion, Vision and PandoraBot

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Last updated 12/13/2017

Table of Contents

8. Blockly