Revolution - Power

Whether you need to power Revolution Robots or your Custom Robot, here are all power needs!

LiPo Robot Battery 7.4v 1300mAh

$14.99 USD

Max 2 per order Lithium-ion polymer robot battery provides power to your ezrobot or EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller.

LiPo Battery Balancer Charger

$29.99 USD

Recommended balancer charger for our LiPo Robot Battery 7.4v 1300mAh. This balancer charger monitors the voltage of each cell in a pack and varies the charge on a per-cell...

Power Shell

$9.99 USD

The power shell is a holder for your EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller. It lets you use your ez-bv4 outside of a robot body. The power shell contains a 20 amp fuse and...

Alternate Power Adapter

$4.99 USD

This adapter is used with the ez-bv4 power base to attach a battery pack. No soldering required!

6xAA Battery Holder

$4.99 USD

This battery holder takes 6 AA batteries, for 9 volts to power small-to-medium sized projects. You can connect these in series or parallel to...

Inline 5V regulator (30cm)

$8.99 USD

This voltage regulator has the simple task of taking a large voltage and converting it to a smaller voltage – in this case, 5VDC. This regulator...

LiPo Battery Harness

$6.99 USD

LiPo to EZ-B v4 adapter for powering the EZ-Robot Developer Kit and Power Base. Connect any LiPo 7.4 battery to the EZ-B Power Base with this harness....

Extension Cable

Starting at $1.99 USD

Use this cable if your servo needs an extension to reach the ez-bv4.