ARC Mobile

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Control and program your EZ-Robot from an Android or iOS mobile device, phone or tablet. The mobile version of ARC loads projects that has been created with ARC for Windows.


Take your robot with you anywhere with the power of ARC on your mobile device.

Block Programming

Program your robot on your mobile device with RoboScratch or Blockly from anywhere!


  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Movement Controls - Servos, Roomba, Motors and More
  • WiiMote Emulator
  • Streaming Audio/Video
  • Shares Files Online with EZ-Cloud
  • Autonomous Self-Navigation
  • Customizable EZ-Script
  • Free Updates Often with New Features
  • And More!



*Note: Due to Android devices having inconsistent OS versions and features between manufacturers and models, EZ-Robot is unable to support all features across all Android devices.


  • iOS 7.0 Mininum
  • 50 MB Storage Space