EZ-Robot News

Program Robot Movements with Glyphs

6 months ago

Do what no other robot platform can - program your robot to track glyphs and more. Use machine vision to teach robot objects and your face... and more!

Artificial Intelligence Improvisation

7 months ago

EZ-Robot's JD Humanoid takes another role on stage as A.L.Ex (artificial language experiment) in this unscripted U.K. improvisation, EdFringe!

Do it like Boston Dynamics - Using Glyphs!

7 months ago

Professor E and the Robot Overlord DJ Sures demonstrate how glyphs are used by million dollar robots to understand their environment - and how you can try it at home, for much less! This week's article focuses on computer vision activities.

Vision Object Training and Detection Made Easy

7 months ago

Experience machine learning with vision object and training using your robot camera at home for free! Christopher gets his hands dirty building an EZ-Robot JD Humanoid. 9 year old Hayden built a Captain America robot. And more!!

The Robot Weekend Starts Now!

7 months ago

Artificial intelligence, vision & speech recognition, build a mobile app, and more. Spend the weekend with your robot using these activities, invent something and change the world!

Meet JD the Humanoid Robot!

7 months ago

Christopher gets his hands dirty building a JD Humanoid robot. Join Professor E on a journey into the past, present and future of robotics. What's on your robot workbench? 7 year old Nolan, 10 year Cameron show their robots. So much more!

JD Humanoid Robot

7 months ago

JD Humanoid from EZ-Robot is a kit for building a humanoid robot that can be controlled and programmed over WiFi. Here, Christopher Barnatt unboxes and assembles the robot.

Children building robots. Most powerful robot software. And more...

8 months ago

6 year old Nolan and 10 year old Cameron showcase their custom programmed EZ-Robots. Robot Overlord DJ Sures and Professor E give an overview of the most powerful robot software, EZ-Builder. Step-by-step instructions to program your robot to greet you

Where Did Robots Come From?

8 months ago

Professor E provides an entertaining and educational insight into the past and future of robotics. Two artificial intelligent EZ-Robots have curious conversations. Personalize your EZ-Robot with crafts and markers. Lost in space is here!