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My Frankenbot - Robosapien, Hearoid, Ottobot Head

- IN progress... I am using a hearoid omni bot base. - The base will house: need some new treads if anyone has any ideas of where to get. mini itx, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157228 8gb ram, 120gb ssd - had to raise the base 3" to accommodate the mini itx. This method, cost me $14.86, without the solvent solution. I had that from a previous display case project. It is kind of expensive like lose to $30. Now to bond them is easy and very strong, but I do recommend that you have help. It is hard to hold it in place and place the solvent along the seam. I went to taps plastic and they have videos online. I used acrylic plexi glass, had them cu...

My First Robot "minion"

I got my kit and then started kicking around ideas of what I wanted him to look like. I wanted him to be something different. So I began searching the internet for one eyed creature/robot. I was playing with ideas and then I watched Despicable Me and was like oh that's it!!!! I got my kit. Decided to use the 5" round base so this is why I am using the 2.5 Amp Motor Controller. I used a Quaker Oats tall can. Yes oatmeal. ;o) I then took rigid wrap This stuff is like a cast if you've never worked with it. I wanted strong but light weight. Now it's hard and you can drill etc. I then took a bowl and formed the head. I then took a yellow t-shirt and made the body....