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Mechanical engineering student at Cal poly Pomona with an emphasis in robotics.

Astromech Droid

Hello everyone :) so i have begun building my full size astromech droid! I know that this project is going to take a long time but I feel it will be worth it in the end. My droid will be built from styrene and 3d printed parts. The dome is actually a security mirror but requires a 2" riser made from a floral craft ring and styrene cover. I wil be loading larger and not sideways photos soon.... *stress*

Just Another Omnibot

This is my Omnibot Tomy. I haven't really been able to work on him much, but I've been collecting a lot of parts. I have the camera working now, even though it isnt mounted yet. The radar and corresponding servo is working well. Still waiting for Dj's motor controller to come back in stock to get him moving around. He's definitely a work in progress that I'm taking my time with. Im going to leave him yellow. I was going to paint him but the faded and dyed plastic actually kind of grew on me. PS he has the other arm.. its just in pieces at the moment... I resolved the camera problem that I was having earlier. Now however, I'm having trouble getting the ezb to connect to th...