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Alexa 21 St Century Omnibot 2000

This Alexa is a four foot tall Omnibot 2000 with all of its original functions. Plus EZB IO tiny with camera installed in it's head. Installed Amazon Echo Dot in front panel. Right arm ,hand and claw works with orIginal remote and so does its head and motorized base. Installed EZB 4 for main movement functions. Servos installed in left arm and claw. Pan and tilt servos on top off original neck . Installed 6volt and 12 volt sla batteries.. Robot does not weight more than original Omnibot except for added 12v out sla battery. Front display is a Garmin Nuvi used to display image slide show and give localization info. Ezb 4 will be controlled with Alexa via ifft. I will post updates as I can...

Okio J5 Style Robot Project

This is OKIO J5 style robot made from an upright vaccum cleaner. The head i made from a dremel accessory toolkit and led eyes ,2 servos for eye covers. The neck is supported via 2 Rc oil filled shocks. He is 44 inches in height. Weight is 28 lbs. Has 9 inch Windows 10 tablet. The tracks are not functional. The robot has motorized wheels and 2 from casters. I also installed an HD usb camera between the eyes. Used 19 v lithium battery for drive motors and 7.4 v lithium for electronics. The arms have 2 shoulder servos and the hands are spring loaded fingers from a Robosapien robot. ;)

Jo Robosapien Project

I started working on this Robosapien project with making a new head from a 3d kids space projector. Fabricated face shield form tinted plastic and added leds. Another feature added is adjustable r/c shocks to compensate for the weight of the head(which is very light)..I will use the EZB v3 that i have and the wireless color camera installed in his head. Installed hd servo for head rotation. Hope you like it. :D I was hoping to get some feedback on this project.

Meet Go 2

This is my newest project robot GO 2...It has a built in Windows 10 tablet and EZB V4 controller...Stands at 30 inches and weights in at 18 lbs.....Has high traction smooth and quiet running 6 inch wheels.. Head and tablet pivot via tilt servo. Also has a waist rotation servo. Uses 7 amp hr sla battery. Removable tray and the hands to hold objects...Plan to add full compliment of sensors onto it. It is built from scratch from many different robot parts. Having built in tablet gives great flexibility for operating and programming unit

Meet Ewa

This is my 16th robot project EWA. Built from a Walle Ucommand toy. It has a 3d printed head from Xlrobots. I added a cooling fan to the front for a more industrial look. He has led mouth that uses a sound mic.Used hd servos for the head and neck. Micro servos for the arms and continuos hd servos for the tracks.Uses EZB V3 as controller .Installed 5000 mAh li-ion battery pack. Has carry handle attached to his back. Left the original sound board for sound effects. The concept is that if Walle and Eve had an offspring this what he would look like..Makes great little companion in my workshop.

Meet Tk

I have started work on my 15th robot project TK . It is 31 inches tall and has a 12 inch diameter base. Weighs 12 pounds with 12v sla battery. Body is constructed from acrylic beverage dispensers painted white, The upper torso rotates with the head and arms. The top of the head is made from a 12 inch tinted security dome cut to size.Head tilts forward and back. The arms each have 3 hd servos with metal bearings.Part of the arms were made from Omnibot arms.The hands are digital servo assemblies. The lower base is made from round storage containers. It has 3 ultrasonic sensors and 1 pir sensor on the front. It is still a work in progress and will post videos upon completion. I think it has bo...

Ez Robot Rover V2

Here are design updates on my EZ robot rover. The drive train is made from a Sharper Image EVAC. Uses EZB V3...Used a laptop fan on back for cooling all of the electronics. Gave him a name of CP. It has a touchscreen Chumby internet device on his chest. There are 2 micro servos for the hands and 2 hd servos for the wrists. I have not installed the shoulder servos yet.The blue led light on his left shoulder is for bluetooth activity.

Genus: Crabius Roboticus

Here is another creation part Attacknid and part Robosapien. His name is HERMY. Controlled via EZB v3.I use the Robosapien script to control the arms. I nfrared port on Robosapien connected to D1 on EZB. And custom movement panel for locomotion. Stands 19 inches high and walks very well up to 2 inches ground clearance. Still work in progress. Lots of fun with this robot.

Found An Old Freind

I found one of my robots that i put together 7 years ago.On the old robots website. Experimental Omnibot ®Robots from the 1980's Experimental Omnibot ® - This is a mix of an Omnibot ® 2000 and a Emiglio/Scooter. It is still controlable via the Omnibot ® 2000 remote control and even the motorized arm still works. On that site you will also find DJ Sures Omnibot 2000 XP.

Ez Robot Attacknid 6lr

I have completed this robot. It is an Attacknid robot modified with an EZB V3..It stands 18 inches high. Has a 12 volt lithium battery and dual h-bridge motor driver..Sound led board with microphone . Total project cost under $100..Great walking action.. 12icnch led acrylic fan on top for visual and cooling .See attached video.

Tars Robot Concept

I started working on a TARS concept robot.This only simulates walking action.The robot is made from foam board and stands at almost 5 feet tall. Uses a single servo for walking motion and has a lower drive train with 2 dc motors.Two 6 inch lazy susan turntables support the upper part of the legs to robot. I wanted to share what i am building because i have really wanted to do this project since watching the movie Interstellar. I have an Android tablet mounting on the front.. I made the legs skinnier than what they would be but the real TARS would be two wide for moving it around my workshop or getting thru door ways..Will post more updates as possible.Excuse video quality..

This Iq My Personal Robot

I designed IQ as a proof of concept robot.It is made of foam core 5mm thick board with .020 styrene plastic sheet overlays. He is 4.5 feet tall and can telescope its head another 8 inches using a camera tripod with motor drive. There is a windows 8.1 tablet installed on its chest. Power comes from a lithium battery pack for drive wheels and a 12 vdc sla battery for the electronics. The EZB 4 is connected in client mode. It is designed not to tip over with anti tipping brackets beneath the lower frame..The movement speed is moderate for stability. The arms are from a Robosapien that i received that did not work.I gutted the arms and installed 3 servos for each arm .It can rotate its arms ,elb...

Ez Robot Attacknid

I started a new robot project using an Attacknid combat creature.The Attacknid uses two motors for locomotion,Simple Dual hbridge connected to EZB and lithium batteries for power.I intend on install six ultrasonic sensor and ezb camera tilt assembly.Head rotation will be using rotation of upper body..This will make a great in expense six legged robot..Pick up robot on Ebay for $30..

Moshi Is Alive

Well i finally got EZB 4 installed and connected inside MOSHI. Everything works great.I have a few cosmetic items to do and add additional sensors to install.I replaced the motor drive asm with a base from a Sharper Image evac.This makes and excellent drive for it.Quiet and powerful..This has 4 inch wheels. I connected the audio on EZB from board connection prior to amp to a Craig bluetooth sound system.Great audio which has a infrared remote(also installed on my tablet).Keep in mind that i started with a Hero jr shell body panels only..Made internal frame from aluminum stock...This makes a terrific droid robot. I am very please with the EZB 4..Thank you all for support and interest...and a...

Brookstone Ezb Teleprescence Robot

I put together a teleprescence robot using a Broostone rover 2.0.It stands 39 inches high and has a 7inch android tablet.I am currently using the rover app on android tablet for remote operation.I am using two round teflon slider as anti tipping device.I am anxiously waiting for Rover 2.0 support so that I can use Ezb for programming it.I plan to use two servos for stopping tiping while stopping motion.Tablet is very light and does not cause a balance issue.


Here is my Robie jr /Omnibot project I just started. I used the lower drive train from an Omnibot. Installed head rotation servo and a ping ultrasonic sensor on front bumper..Still has all of its original features and function. Motion is great lots of power and no caster required to balance it. It has a 7.2 rechargable battery. Will be installing EZB4 when it arrives...

Meet Moshi

Meet MOSHI (Mobile Service Human Interactive) formerly a Hero JR body only...Robot is driven with an Omnibot 2000 modified drive train.Currently using a VEX controller for function.Awaiting EZB4 i ordered months ago...It has a voice command clock system and am/fm and bluetooth remote system. He is one of my 10 robot projects..His head rotates via servo platform..One 12v and one 6 volt 4.5 ah batteries for power. Has great audio.Cant wait to install EZB4! Enjoy this community and I get a lot of creative ideas.Thank you DJ for making this possible.

Super Omnibot

This one of my 10 robot projects.This is ready for ezb v4..It has all of the original features of omnibot 2000.New drive system with worm drive motors.Blue tooth am/fm sound system..Dvd media player and 4 inch lcd screen.Will be both rc and ezb controlled.. Still needs some additional wiring and paint..I will add more post and video...

Ez Robot Rover

Here is another of my projects.Will more info. I have changed his head to a clear dome.Blue strip around neck is EL tape...New backpack with ezb, made from an alarm clock case. More updates to come. And here some of my extended robot family.

Android Palbot

Here is a replica of the famous Android Palbot. It has a Brookstone rover for mobility. Ez robot to control head and arms.