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Delta Vs Quad

So it's time to dig out of this winter mess down hear in Obamaland. I put the Quad Scout up until I try out a delta configuration. Not sure if I like this but I am committed to at least trying it. The purpose is to see if the delta or the quad configuration is best suited for unimproved terrain. GPS guidance is done and working well. Once I get the base determined I need to start on a weather proof electronics bay. Anyone else on here have experience with quad or delta on unimproved terrain. These bases will weigh in at 100 lbs each without the mod packs. total weight estimates max at 240 lbs. These are not meant to run around your living room. They live in the wild.

Not Much For Sharing But Just To Get Reactions To What I'm Building

Step 1 was to get some idea of my vision. So I took what was at hand and got it rolling just to get a feel. Now I understand where it's going. Yep for military and gun enthusiasts that is a working AR-15. I started cutting steel for the frame and turret. Waiting on my V4 to arrive. Been outlining the programming. Until I get the V4 in hand I'm not sure if I'll bring more V4s into the mix or add arduinos. For those of you that have the v4, ideas? For all intents and purposes this thing is intended to patrol the property at programmed times and then go into hold mode for a time to listen, watch and save battery life. If while it is holding any stationary or on-board sensors pick up an an...