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R2-q5 Droid Build With Ez-b4

I'm 3D printing an R2-Q5 imperial droid and using the EZ-b4 as the brains. I'm still working on the body and need the rest of the lights for the dome, which I have assembled and painted. Here is some stuff from my build log showcasing the Ez-b so far! I'm running the droid off of a Ryobi 18v battery, which I might add a second one in later and I'm using a buck converter to run the EZ-b at 7.4 volts. I'm using cheap hobby servos for the panels and I have the little buck converters someone here recommended to run the servos at 5v. They will take the 7 volts max, but I don't want to chance it. I'm using the servos that came with the devel...