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I am Josh Starnes. I entered personal robotics in 2011 under the inspiration of EZ-Robot. I have always been interested in anything that moves especially robots. The Ez builder and EZB v3 educational system has given me tools to create robots that I never though I would previously. I started a Electronics Engineering degree and I look forward to continue teaching others while learning myself about the robotics industry.

Making New Tires For Your Robot , Omnibot 2000 In This Case

Ok so i have a few people who want me to cast them omnibot or 2000 tires. The process is fairly simple but most effective if you have a vacuum pump. First you need you tire specimen to copy. In this case i removed a reconditioned tire from my omnibot 2000. As long as the specimen is physically the shape you want you can use it. You may also use a 3d printer to print a hard... [PDF]

Last Modified on 8/21/2014

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Autodesk 123d Circuit Maker Now Available

Hey guys , making projects easier means having the right tools. Ezb does alot, but it can do even more by making simple circuits. This is a new tool that last year was in beta from the autodesk family. It is available now to use online through the Web or installed on a PC as an application for free. Previously circuits was a independent open source group and still follows collaborative effort among other users. They... [PDF]

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Regulators , Bec Switching , Step Down Buck Converters , Data , Tests And Sugge

I think the recent questions about regulation of voltage it would be helpful to post a tutorial style information center. I happen to have obtained many of the common sub 15 amp regulators. Having them all in one place provides some advantages in that I can directly compare them in size , efficiency , temperature ect. If you have a suggestion of info to add into this post I will consider adding it for future reference. If there is... [PDF]

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Diy Camera / Phone Tripod From Instamorph / Polymorph Plastic

http://www.ez-robot.com/Shop/AccessoriesDetails.aspx?prevCat=8&productNumber=28 The Polymorphic Thermoplastic is available in 1kg variety in the store for 40 dollars. I linked it above. I would recommend everyone who buys a EZ Robot kit to get a bag of this stuff because you can use it literally on every project. It's just as useful as hot glue , epoxy or solder. I needed to make a stand fore close up lighting when soldering and using the new HD camera. A few grams was plenty to shape... [PDF]

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Wild Thumper Street / Indoor Tire Conversion 4wd Or 6wd

Hey guys sharing this for anyone who wants or has a wild thumper that you can make it a little more indoor friendly and these tires would have better control on smoother non-off-road applications. This is a streettire wheel from dagu and comes with a brass hub. [PDF]

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Roli / Rover 5 Chassis, Upgrade To 4wd :)

Hello Community, Do you want to add a few pounds of batteries or maybe a cool arm to Roli, but still want that power to tackle uneven terrain? Yea me too! I am bringing you great news on upgrades for the coming Roli Robot kit and this also applies to the Rover 5 Dagu chassis sold separately in the store. The chassis uses two right angle gearboxes , there are 4 "legs" on the chassis. I found the part... [PDF]

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Build A Vacuum Gripper W Servo , Syringe , Tubing

Hello community , in the spirit of diy progression I am sharing some pictures and info on vacuum grippers. I will make a separate thread for pressurized grippers and cylinders so that they are easier to search and find. Simple vacuum grippers consist of a few parts -actuator -pressure/vacuum cylinder -hard tubing -suction cup style gripper The actuator can easily be a rc servo , then a vacuum chamber a syringe , since this is a low neg pressure aquarium off or vinyl... [PDF]

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Instructable - 0 -24 Volt Adjustable Power Supply How To :)

Hello guys this is a improment over the past tutorial posted for converting a PC power supply to be a bench 12 volt supply. This tutorial uses the same computer PSU to make a adjustable 0 to 24 volts. This means testing equipment of different voltages will be much easier. Now you don't need to hunt down a ad adapter and cut it up only to find it's not really the voltage you needed. [PDF]

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