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I am Josh Starnes. I entered personal robotics in 2011 under the inspiration of EZ-Robot. I have always been interested in anything that moves especially robots. The Ez builder and EZB v3 educational system has given me tools to create robots that I never though I would previously. I started a Electronics Engineering degree and I look forward to continue teaching others while learning myself about the robotics industry.

Roli Wants To Dress Up As A Drd For Halloween

Roli Always looked up to his favorite sci-fi robot, the DRD from farscape, they make friends with the passengers, help in a pinch and repair the ship! Good robot! So Roli is getting his very own DRD costume for Halloween and other surprises too. Finished picture updated :

Invisible Qr Code Project For Hackaday Competition

Hello all, while working this project I only updated the competition site but given I am using EZ Robot it’s roots are here in the community. Here is the latest update on the custom invisible QR code for discretely marking the inside of your homes furniture, doors, floor, or ceiling with codes that only illuminate when you hit them with the correct nanometer light 405nm or 780nm IR/UV https://www.gofundme.com/68cigk8

Cyborg Ar Hud Smart Helmet

Hello all! My most recent project I started and currently tinkering with is a Smart Helmet. In short it has a Heads Up Display that shows telemetry, information, navigation, music selection and also a couple camera feeds. I would like to use EZ robot for a number of the features in this project. One that I would like to learn is how to make a overlay on video to show information sensors read. ANY help is greatly appreciated as I am on a time crunch to get a working model together. It is a Hackaday challenge as well. Here is the link of what was done so far , but I will copy a bit here as well since it is a EZ robot based project. https://hackaday.io/project/159547-cyborg-360-ar-hud-app-e...

Security Cam Robot, This Droid Is Watching For You. Jazzy Power Chair Frame

Here is the current look of this project, Super cool update, magpi magazine wants to feature this build with steps how it was done , !

Iotiny Recon 6.0 Rovers , Educational Robots

Hello everyone, I am sharing this as I will take lots of pics of the tear down of this guy. On ebay I came buy 7 working units and I thought they might be good donors robots to put a IOTINY board in and a camera in for educational purposes. When it comes to kids and even high school age it makes me nervous to let them really have control at the risk of damaging a project I have worked a long time on so instead I will demonstrate projects I have done ,but the "hands on" robotics missions will have more durable and less invested units. I have 6 that came basically new looking and 1 looks like it has been around smoke with the heavy yellowing. I will probably make that one the gu...

Mr Freeze Costume Controlled By Android Phone Mobile App

Hey guys I made it to dragoncon and last minute I finished up the App controlled Mt Freeze suite gear. I have hoses filled with blue coolant , leds on each hose. Filled with PC coolant. El wire in the gun wrapped around a piexe of pvc pip and also leds and fluid in the mask that all lights up on command. Here is a quick picture of the suite all together ,I will snap some of the back as well. The phone is on the chest of the suite.

Ryobi 40v Robot Mower With 40v Trimmer Whiskers By Jstarne1/ Starnes

Hello all, I am getting back in the saddle making robots now that I am moved into my new home and settled into my new job as a technician maintaining the Fiber Optics network in Chattanooga TN. IM BACK ! :)

Farscape Tv Show Yellow Drd Build

We poked around about doing this a year ago but where to start got us hung up! Due to the DRD Strange shape and size larger that the makerbot , 3d printing the whole shell as one piece was not possible. However drawing details and then applying them to a hand made oval body is totally doable! This is the start of the project , I wanted to get something together that could be shared with the rest of the community. Once details are glued on then you can use a DREMEL to dig out the cavities between details. This is what makes them POP!

Holiday Video U Command Wall-e And Sled Buildup

I spent yesterday and today building walle and a sled to shoot a video which hopefully I can get all the footage tommorow if it is not raining. Plot : Walle is looking over the Christmas list and "Oh No!" We are missing the most important gift! Walle peels out of the driveway and takes off to find the post office and retrieve the package. I'm thinking of flames trailing behind walle like "back to the future". He passes by some cool landmarks and stops to " look at his map". After a few seconds of traveling frantically, Walle arrives at the post office. With his loaded up sled he drags the Six EZ Robot package back home passing through the same places he did to get there. Once home he p...

Zero Rover Version 1 , 3d Printed , 6 Wd Robot Chassis Progress

So here I am putting together the first version of the zero rover chassis. My 3d printer was down for a couple months but tomorrow I should receive the new heater to get back to printing so I can make the brackets to mount up the stepper motors.

Power Wheels Gets A Dose Of Awesome Ezb, Makeover , Motor Mods , Camera , Real

Hey Community , i really don't do enough fun projects. As you may notice many of my projects have a utility function. Squeegee mops, jarvis vacuums, smart marine fish tank is... well smart lol. So this is just for fun and I hope others enjoy it. I have already contemplated using it as a demonstration tool to get kids interested in technology. . Dang it! This is just for fun , ok I'll try not to get to serious with this. My friend Marty was talking about being able to drive the power wheels around while his kid was in it around the neighborhood. Or if his kid was driving and got to far he's just a button click away from stopping it. We found a free power wheels that had seen some rough...

2013 Robo Ducki , Gift To Dj & The Ez Robot Staff

Here is the finish Ducki Six! Just before anyone asks "why a duck" I will explain. Dj the founder of EZ Robot collects rubber ducks and he also brought the world EZ builder, EZ bits ,EZB v3 and now V4 all right around the corner.. In efforts to show our appreciation and celebrating ez robots success we made a custom ez robot themed robot ducky! I will show some build photos of the process and work that has gone into this. Also Troy pitched in as well to help out with supplies need to make the ducki robot ( thats Ducki like Roli). I will post the final product this evening , until then you get to see the process behind the build. Anthony played a big...

Hulkbuster Ironman Suite , Lighting, Sound Effects And Motorization

Updated final result Ok so everyone knows I'm an ironman fan. I went to Dragoncon convention in Atlanta Georgia which was enormous week long event. Me and two friends started to pep ironman suites. That's building a skin out of paper them fiberglassing it. The pre made one I was using I didn't like so I'm in the process of getting another suite Taylor made for my big man figure :) , I had to make measurements everywhere for the 3d designer to use. The pre made hulkbuster pep file.... I wasn't wild about this and physical ly making it wasn't pretty. So in comes the new model progress. It will have a functional helmet lift from a rc se...

Beer Butler , Cans, Bottles Or On Tap With Built In Chiller

This is a challenge issued by friends and family. The goal here is to make a robot that can bring beverages from another area to wherever the people are , allow the person to get their drink , then leave. It does not need to be fully autonomous , even remote control is acceptable. It does not need to grab them from the fridge, preloaded beverages are acceptable. This is Ez Robot though, I believe we could do better than that! Well anyways to start the project off I am using a roomba base. I picked up a stainless steel trash can last night as a outside casing. I will show you the rest as we go :)

Bluetooth Cat Tail My Sister Built , Attract Wildlife And Other Cats

I came to my moms to work on the air soft arena and have a outdoor picnic . I walked in and my sister showed me what looked like the back end of a stuffed cat! I laughed so hard. She she got it turned on and it just runs a continuous pattern for the servo motor to twitch back and forth. She said they can sit it out in the yard and watch animals come check it out. Its false fur , lots of Velcro, one servo , a piece of wire and a repurposed tripod.

Diy Ezb Powered Sla And Lipo Battery Safe Charger Station By Josh Starnes

Hello guys , as some of you know I've spent the last several days searching for a new place to live and finally found one on the 19th , large upstairs and downstairs. I'm setting you up for the scenario where I will most likely want to charge batteries in doors ( or maybe right outside on the patio) and be able to monitor when they are fully charged , if there is a fault or short the charging can be stopped and temperature monitored to stop charging if the temps get too high. This way I would be confident in charging batteries even when I'm not home and in case a cell explodes or catches on fire it will be contained. I plan to use a GE microwave as the case for this as they have two or thre...

Easy Led Visual Test For Digital Ports Tutorial J Starnes

During my last setup with a h bridge I was frustrated and wish I could see if the ports were active at the time they were triggered but I don't have enough hands to hold a meter , not short something out and still toggle ports to troubleshoot my setup. So I wanted to share this idea. All you need is a servo connector or jumper cables. Cut off the red wire. Connect a left long lead ( pos) to the white and short lead to ground Ta DA! Easy

Diy Airsoft Mech Warrior From A Rad Robot Video Tutorials

Hello my friends! By popular demand members want more how to videos so they are more confident with starting a project they have never done. This is a video series with a few pics to give you the basics on modding a toy to join in on air soft powered mech warrior battles in first person view!

Diy Pc Battery Backup Power Source And 12 Battery Charger By J Starnes

I am planning a fun weekend but we are not sure we will have a 110v power source nearby. Just in case I decided it may be a good idea to use a APC battery backup and parallel more batteries together for a longer run time. Also in the same unit I could have a 12 volt charger to charge batteries. Once I come back I will just have a really buffed up battery backup ready to use. I am going to use two small computer cases , industrial drawer handles , rolling casters ect. These are the donors. The idea is to power a few laptops / net books all day which are wattage anyways.

Diy Awesome Project Case Made From Netgear Routers And Superglue

OK pretty simple idea here. I have noticed actual project cases are usually very ugly and very expensive. Then even if you find a good deal it may be very difficult to get a similar or matching case later. Ooooh the problems today's nerds face right? Here I will show how I used 12 dollars worth of used and probably broken routers , a dremel and a few drops of super glue to make a cool case. :). I will use it to house a light , fan and ezb but you can customize your application!

Making Fsr Panels (force Sensing Resister) To Register Hits

this really deserved its own thread as it can be used for other applications than scoring for the air soft much warrior bots. I will include pictures , drawings and links. This force-sensing resistor (FSR) from Interlink Electronics is a passive component that acts as a variable resistor, with resistance decreasing in response to increasing applied force, which makes it easy to add a touch interface to your project or create a robot with much more sophisticated tactile senses than are possible with simple lever switches. The polymer thick film (PFT) device is optimized for use in human touch control of electronic devices and can sense an applied force anywhere in the active area ranging...

Nano Smart Aquarium

Ok this is the second project where EZB will be used to control lighting , current flow , temp , salinity ect. This thread will show just about every step ot the build , electronics , wiring and eventually the scripts to make it work. ;) - Josh Starnes

Diy Regulated Power Supply 12v , 5v And 3v From Pc Psu

Hello EZ Robot members. I came up with the idea to post this mini project because my roommate needed a power supply to power leds and also 12v fans. Lots of members really need a good high amp dc bench power supply on a budget. My roommate went to a local electronics supplier and recently paid 90 dollars for a 7amp 12v DC power supply. Pc power supplies are generally reliable , handle 15 to 40 amps DC and are 1/5 the price. Take for example the Thermaltake 425 watt TR2 for 30 dollars at Best Buy in the USA. Safety alert! Capacitors in psu can pop you pretty hard so avoid touching internals of a pc psu even when its not plugged in.

Meet "rc-xd Airsoft Droid " Dual Wield Gunner Robot W Night Vision

In very excited to introduce RC-xd Airsoft Droid. My little brothers robot we are building together to compete in mech wars for team EZ Robot. Woot! He is a modified omnibot with dual automatic airsoft guns. The base is a rad 2.0 base and EZ Cam mounted between the eyes. This is moved to project section now that i can post pics of what a full bot will look like.

Meet " Squeegee" , The Flooring Mopping Robot , Modified Radioshack Robie Jr

This is a simple project that hopefully I wont over complicate. Since he Squeegee needs to get as close to furniture and the toilet and bathtub as possible this my be a challenge. After all we spend most our time trying to get our robots to avoid the objects in the room. Im giving new life to a radioshack robie jr rc controlled robot.

Rad 2.0 Mech Warrior #3 Air Soft And Nerf Missiles

Ok this is the third of a trio of robots made to run around outside with first person view ez robot wireless cameras. Each has airsoft automatic guns and some kind of dart launcher.

Meet "dusty ", Modded Omnibot 4 Home Security Cam, Vacuum , Air Filter,sanitize

Hello EZ Robot! Meet Dusty, he is a omnibot torso and I currently have the choice of robbie at head or a omnibot done where you can see inside. He will handle a few basic functions and us made more simple than his big brother Jarvis. 1. He can vacuum (which is loud) with power brush and impeller 2. He can "sweep" nearly silent by running the power brush at a reduced voltage and a small DC blower providing low level auction. 3.dusty will have two germicidal bulbs ,.one facing downward to the floor and another behind intake fans that not only cool electronics but it pulls air through a Honeywell two stage carbon filter. 4.dusty has 4 build in filters foam pre filter , and 3 carbon filte...

Omnibot 2000 , Rad 2.0 Vacuum Bot

This project has evolved some , the basic rundown is I'm modding two Omnibots , one a regular the other a larger 2000 model. I will have two ezb kits , rad base idea was thrown out because of so much noise but could go back on the table if the omnibot drivetrain is too weak to pull it.