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My Martin

Here is my Martin aka JD Revolution, Ez-Robot... lol His cloths from: and from the bear... by jdebay :) :) :) :)

What Should I Do?

What should I Do? q1. wait for replacement servo? have been waiting over a week so far... q2. use bad servo as a place holder and try fine tune my jd? see what he looks like: Any suggestions welcome... j *confused* *stress* *confused* *stress*

Intro To Zipper My Hexapod-six

Intro to Zipper my hexapod-six j :) :) :) :)

Gripperv4 Old Parts And New Parts

old parts and new parts make gripperv4. j :) :) :) :) update: added camera. j

Mini-zip V3 Upgrade.

I had the following hexapod. It had a dead controller. After v3 upgrade. Also found a bad mini servo to and replaced. learning actions and frames while, I wait for six to ship. :) :) :) :) j update: robot chassis is 12 servo hexapod by dagu rs024, poor man's hexapod.

Garden-bot Aka Gb Robot

Garden-bot aka GB robot Parts: 1 - 6WD Thumper Chassis (sold by EZ-Robot) 3 - 2.5a Motor H-bridge controller 1 - EZ-B controller v4 update 9/17/14 1 - 6 pack battery holder no longer needed 9/17/14 1 - Std. EZ-Robot servos no longer needed 9/17/14 1 - Ultrasonic Distance sensor no longer needed 9/17/14 1 - EZ-Robot Bluetooth Camera - optional but fun to use. v4 camera update 9/17/14 1 - 7.2v Power 2800mAh, Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery Pack (more for backup can carry four of them). 6 - 1.5v AA Batteries no longer needed 9/17/14 2 - small round plastic containers no longer needed 9/17/14 1 - small Bertucci's reusable container (from Bertucci's Food, salad take out) update...

Food-bot By Jdebay

This is my first EZ-Robot by the name of Food-Bot, fork and spoon for arms.