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Hello fellow EZ-B'rs, As I finally discovery how to upload photos I thought it was time to share my robot with the world. It's called R.O.O.S.T.E.R which stands for: Remote Online Operating Scientific Testing Electronic Robot (took me about an hour to come up with that, but I like it). It's based on the 6 wheeled Dagu Wild Thumper kit. On top of that I added a 5 DOF robotic arm and a netbook. The specs: - 6x 6v 6A motors - 2x 20A Rc Car ESCs - 2x Reddragon 2s 25c 1200mAh - Ofc the Ez- B - Dfrobot 5dof robotic arm - Asus Eee pc 900hd - Ping sensor (well... I sort of broke it... It got stuck between the robot and the wall...) Why I'm building it? Because I can, robots are Awsome, the EZ...