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New Bot Under Construction - Noles-d (nawless-d)

So my life is finally at a better place and it's time to get back into robots. I have been watching all of the great builds and just couldn't stand it any longer. I've started construction on Noles- D (pronounced Nawless-D), my Non-Lethal Security Droid. I am using a bar-b-que grill for the main body and constructing the base and drive system myself. He will use a tracked drive system with wheelchair motors. The non-lethal part includes twin airsoft machine guns, a paintball gun, and twin rocket launchers. He will also have a gripping claw and 5 DOF arm, along with on-board computer and array of sensors. I am using the V3 boards with Noles and have converted them to USB connect since...

I Shall Call B

Here is my small B9 robot made from the trendmasters toy from the 90s. I combined the Trendmasters Robot B9 and a RAD drive section with the EZ-B and a lot of work. For details of the build process, please click Here are the side by side before and after pics of Mini B. This thread will be devoted to the programming phase. And here is my first attempt at programming him. I like the way I have the antenna moving, but I still need a lot of work on the "Danger Will Robinson!"


I posted this in the wrong section I guess, but here is a link to my newest bot - RoboRAD. I am combining a RAD 2.0 base and a robosapien.

Gunslinger Bob - Bob Gets An Upgrade

Since my original work on BOB (Bret's OmniBot) I have worked on a couple of other robots and now Bob is feeling left out. So it is time for an upgrade. Soon he will become Gunslinger Bob and sport some killer weaponry. Thanks Josh!

Next Hack - Robot B9

Now that I have finished B.O.B., my get your feet wet bot, I have begun my next hack. This next robot will bridge the gap between Bob and my ultimate big robot. I am starting with a remote controlled B9 toy from Trendmasters. It was very limited in what it did, and the drive section was pathetic, but it was B9! Before Pics: Note: the front "lights" in the chest plate is actually just a decal. Here is what B9 looks like now: I have mounted clear LEDs in the appropriate colors in the chest at the bottom of the decal and have a flashing circuit that will blink them in the combination as seen on the series. Where the two large round circles are (white domes on the bi...

Bob's Debut

You may or may not have seen the documentation of my omnibot build (B.o.b. - Bret's Omnibot), but here he is completed. Bob's Mods: Camera, head turning, right shoulder articulated, left shoulder, elbow, wrist, and claw articulated, sonar, lighting, EL wire accents. I am just working on him here with my joystick gamepad, playing with different functions. But Bob is ready to go - and thanks for the salt little guy. without further adieu - Bob:

B.O.B. Bret's OmniBot

So I am finally to a point to report some progress on my omnibot hack. I call him BOB. I decided to change his color as there are so many white ones out there. I used a flat black with silver accents.