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Bob's Inmoov

I've always wished I had started a Project Showcase type of thread when I started running my InMoov robot with EZ-Robot. So I'm going to start one now. The first few posts are recaps of the threads I've done, I'll put a link to the original thread so if someone wants to see the discussion they can. Anything I do in the future will be posted on this thread. Here's the first thread I posted with my InMoov running on EZ-Robot. Original thread -

Rubik's Cube Solving Robot

I found this robot on Thingiverse; and thought it would be a fun project. Check it out they've really created a great robot. Printing it takes about 70 hrs. and then you need to go shopping for baking supplies (Raspberry Pi's and such). So I thought why not make it run with EZ-Robot hardware (most people here have lots of that) and software. I modified the camera holder to accept an EZ-Robot camera and the arms to accept EZ-Robot HDD servo horns and connected everything to an IoTiny. Building it was pretty straight forward. Programing it to solve the cube was another matter, so I got ahold of forum member ptp and asked if he would be interested in h...

A New Hand For Inmoov?

I've been working on a new hand idea for my InMoov robot. I seriously hacked the . Their original design had the thumb and index finger moving independently and the other three fingers moving together. I changed it so that all of the fingers move independently and I managed to get all of the finger servos in the hand. I added a wrist movement using one of EZ-Robots Lever servos and the forearm and wrist rotation is from the original InMoov design. Of course it is all controlled with an EZBv4. Here's a video of it working. A picture of the back of the hand. Then I got playing around with some Flex sensors sewn to a glove I made awhile ago when I first made my InMoov. It...

Another Inmoov Modification

I redesigned the Top Stomach Pistons for quicker movement. The STL files are on Thingiverse.

New Eye Mechanism For Inmoov

Check out

A New Dof For Inmoov's Neck/head

I've designed a new neck mechanism for InMoov to add a degree of freedom. It still needs some fine tuning but you'll get the idea.

Inmoov's Touch Sensors

The other day DJ suggested an easy way to make a touch sensor, see this thread So I started playing with that idea and made a couple of touch sensors by soldering a piece of foiling tape (I "borrowed" some from my wife's stain glass supplies) to the end of a wire. I attached the wire to an ADC Port and put the foiled end on the robot. Wrote a script and it works pretty good. Here's a picture of the sensor. A short video of them working. Thanks for the idea DJ !

Inmoov's New Gripper

I found a design for a robotic gripper on Instructables, so I thought I would make one for my InMoov. The basic design was done by Techiebot here's the link to it; I had to design and print a few parts to adapt everything to fit into the arm of my robot. It will pick up small objects and with a little more suction the gripper could pickup bigger objects. The EZ-Robot OS sure makes it easy to animated things like this but I don't need to tell you all that. The first video shows it working and the second one describes the build.

My Inmoov's New Base

Here's a quick look at the base I've built for my InMoov robot.

Robotic Arm

Here's a quick introduction to my Robotic Arm. If you have any questions - I'd be happy to answer them.

You Never Know What Happens When You Leave The Room

I left my phone on video record and captured this. Hmmm

I Added Something To My Inmoov

I added something to my InMoov, can you tell what it is? I am flattered that EZ-Robot used my InMoov in their latest ad.

Inmoov's Sensors

Thanks Rich, Richard R, and Luis for helping me with the scripting to get these sensors working.

Inmoov Doing Math

A short video of my InMoov doing math. Thanks to the Community Members who helped me out with the script for this using my EZ-B v4 and EZ-Builder

My Inmoov Running On Ez-robot

Initial test of my InMoov robot running on the new EZBv4. I have 24 servos connected to one v4 and all are running OK. Thanks for everyone's help to get it up and running.

My New Robot

Here's a short video introducing my new robot. Thanks for everyone's help to get this far with it.