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Controlling A Kangaroo With The V4

For Dave and Richard and anyone else who is interested, here is fully working and tested code for using the Kangaroo (with bi-directional comms) via the UART on the V4 with encoder feedback. I am still quite new with EZ scripting so the code may not be as elegant as I would like, I could not find an ASCII to decimal function in EZ-Builder so I had to write a block of code to do this DJ maybe I am missing... [PDF]

Last Modified on 9/17/2015

Created by Toymaker

How To Make A Wide Angle Ir Non Contact Bumper

I designed a wide angle IR (non contact) bumper for robots a while back but never used it. It may be useful to the folks here on the forum so I thought I would post it. The neat thing about this IR bumper is that it will detect most objects in front of it without any scanning like using a rotating servo plus ranger so no moving parts and its very fast. It also reports back the position of smaller objects... [PDF]

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by Toymaker