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Altair Robots In Servo Magazine

It looks like Servo magazine will have the ALTAIR robots on the front page of their July edition - they have done a really nice article on me and my robotics work and even show my first programmable robot from 1979! The article is written by the brilliant author Dave Prochnow and I have a number of his tech books on my bookshelf. EZ-Robot gets several mentions as the robots brains! Tony

The Altair Robot Chronicles

This is the first in a series of videos showing the current capabilities of the ALTAIR EZ:1 robot. Part:1 Pour and serve a drink Tony

When The Altair Ez:1 Met Pepper

When the ALTAIR EZ:1 met Pepper robot We had a film crew here today, filming me and my robots which is to be part of a European documentary series to be aired later this year. We finally got to meet the Pepper robot and it was great fun seeing it interact with our EZ:1 Bot brothers! How do you do Pepper Tony

Introducing The Altair Ez:2 Robot

Introducing the ALTAIR (Affordable Latest Technology Artificially Intelligent Robot) EZ:2 Robot The first unveiling of the EZ;2 Robot (the commercial version of the EZ:1 Robot that has been seen on this forum) - you guys are seeing the EZ:2 first! I am proud to confirm that it will have "EZ-Robot inside" and powered by the awesome V4 - well done DJ and the EZ-Robot team for making such a great product that allows robots like the EZ:2 to be light years ahead of the competition! The EZ:2 will also have face and object recognition capabilities and our advanced Ai engine and will work together with the EZ-Builder software. Because we have been waiting to design in the incredible...