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Eddie. The I-cybie & Ez-robot Mongrel Robot Dog

I-Cybie and EZ-B v4 conversion. Day 1. 23/01/2016 Continuing from my asking if anyone has hacked an I-Cybie, this showcase thread will detail my first EZ-Robot "toy" hack with this little dog. Because of the inner workings and circuitry of the I-Cybie robot dog, the idea to incorporate the EZ-Robot platform in to this little fella will be to completely gut it out, and replace the DC motors with HD servos for the limbs, and a couple of micro servos for the heads pan and tilt action. It will be a tight fit go get an EZ-B, battery, and servos inside, but I think it can be done. Unlike my previous "Built from scratch" robot builds where I plan out most of what...

E4-b4 Build Diary. (r2-d2's Little Brother)

Day 1 (4th August 2015) So after throwing around a few ideas for a new project to sink my teeth in to, I decided to go ahead and do my own version of an Astromech Droid, rather an Astromech "Smartdroid". With K-9 being one of my all time favourite on-screen robots, R2-D2 was (and still is) just as much of an all time favourite of mine so building one of my own droids is a logical step for me. As my other robot showcases where posted when the majority of the work was done, this will be a build diary of sorts, with updates throughout the build. So wanting to get back to building, I had a few ideas floating around for my next BIG project and the thought about...

Using Exec() Commands To Help Make A Game

K-9 asks "Would you like to play a game?" So from the famous(ish) line from the movie "War Games", I have taught K-9 a simple, but fun game to entertain people and wanted to showcase it here. I've had some time on my hands, and I gave scripting a game a go, the game being "Rock, Paper, Scissors" aka "Roshambo" aka "lots of other things". As K-9 doesn't have any hands I had to think of a way for him to play this game with people. The following video shows the solution I came up with... So yes, using the Exec() script command to open, show, and close pictures was the way to go, and I'm fairly pleased with the result. There...

Introducing Vic The Vac

Welcome to the project showcase for Victor Vac. Why is he called Victor... Virtually Intelligent CompuTer Operated Robot So everyone, I'd like you to meet Victor Vac (Vic the Vac), or Vic as I call him. He came about because I'm done with K-9's build now and because I'm well and truly bitten by the EZ-Robot bug now, I wanted to get my teeth in to something new, and different. I have plans to make a full sized robot this year, but that will be quite a long and complicated build, so this was an ideal time to get the creative juices flowing and try I few things out an a scale size and practice on improve my scripting skills. So you know why h...

"affirmative. K-9 2.0, Online And Fully Operational." (well, Almost Fully)

Hi everyone. This is the first of two posts talking about the inspiration and features of my home robotics build. In the first post I talk about the inspiration behind the build of K-9 2.0. The second post explains the features and build details. So, after a year in the making, I am pleased to present a project I've been wanting to do for years, pretty much since the first time I saw the little fella in Doctor Who when Tom Baker (one of my favourites) was playing The Doctor. K-9 was pretty much my all time favourite characters in the show and with that in mind, and with my love of dogs and my lo...