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First Attempt Building An Android App For The Irobot Dirt Dog

Upgraded the speakers to 8 ohm 2 watt 1 inch diameter units and hid everything inside the dust bin of the Dirt Dog. There is just a bit more room since there is no vacuum motor assembly in the dust bin.

R3 Roomba Control Using 5 Volt Relays

In the land of the iRobot Roomba, if you want to turn it on there are presently two ways to do so. The first way is just a simple button press of the Clean button. Or, one could use a IR remote control to also accomplish the same task. Neither choice is needed when using an EZB controller and three of its Digital ports. In order to perform the EZB controller option a little pre-design work is required. It involves using some 26 guage wire, a soldering iron and three neat little 5 volt powered relays. The electrial wiring connection is done by soldering a pair of wires across the Clean button contacts located on the printed circuit assembly inside the Roomba that are then connec...

Irobot Create With An Arm

Here's my first attempt of using a V3 EZ-B and controlling an iRobot Create robot with a 6 servo arm attached. The video displays a Roomba that has encountered something in its cleaning path and gets help from an EZ-B controlled Create.