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How To Use Roborealm For Indoor Navigation

Ok, so I finally sat down to look at what RoboRealm can actually do other than just face and object recognition.... I was playing with the AVM navigator and it turns out it is pretty good at being used for advanced stuff like indoor navigation.... I am pretty sure it can do much more but I thought I would put together a quick video on how to use it to navigate paths indoors.... Don't get me wrong @DJ, we still want your indoor navigation system, but this is at least available now and pretty simple to setup and use.... Also, my apologies for the rough video... it's not really my thing. It also didn't help that I had a few beers prior....:P If you have any questions, jus...

Is There A Halloween Contest This Year?

I thought I would lighten things up around here by giving you all a sneak peek of my possible Halloween contest entry.... Oh, and he (Dexter) will also be giving out the candy this year... ;)

My Inmoov Bartender

Well after seeing Bob Houston's inMoov (hard act to follow by the way) on here a while back I knew I had to make one too. So here he is working as a bartender for us.... I want to also give credit to Luis Vazquez for his text to speech script I am using for jaw movement.... And just to be clear he is completely autonomous in this video... No remote control... Hope you guys like the video...

I Was Bored This Long Weekend So I Built This

I was messing around with some big drive motors meant for a robotic lawnmower, but came up with this instead.... 1 x EZB4 1 x 2x5 Sabertooth motor controller 2 x Hitec HS-645 servos 4 x 16RPM seriously torquey gear motors 4 x 8" Lawnmower wheels 1 x 20 Watt solar panel and charger 1 x 7amp 12V SLA battery 2 x Vex 269 gear motors (for the panel retract mechanism) Now I need to mount some sensors and an EZb Camera... Still don't know what I want to do with it yet....

Robotic Claw Inspired By Doombot.

In an earlier thread Doombot had mentioned he may put a ping sensor on his robotic claw to sense and pick up objects automatically... Well, I had a moment of inspiration so I thought I would try and knock up something... So check it out... a simple prototype of my version of object detecting robotic claw...

Irobot Create Project. Sneak Peak

Crap... should read seek peek... lol.... Haven't decided what exactly my iRobot Create project will evolve into... But I plan to go all out on this one... Right now I am leaning toward a butler/remote presence type robot... More to come, so stay tuned... c'mon EZB4....yeah baby :D Sorry about the photo orientation ...

My R2 D2 Video

As promised here is a video of my "work in progress" R2 project... I am not much of a film maker so be kind... Hope you enjoy... Cheers :)