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Jd Spock

The first video of my JD Spock testing his 3d printed phaser. JD Spock's 3D printed Star Trek Original Series phaser, sized for JD: I tried to color match to screen shots from the Original series. The retail toy versions are much brighter colors. JD Spock's paper head piece with hair, eyebrows, and Vulcan ears and Star Trek badge, I used card stock to print it on and double sided tape to attach the pieces. This is my template:

Weather For Usa From Webservice

This is how I am now pulling simple weather data in EZ-Builder. If you are willing to create a powershell script and batch file, there is an easy way to pull the local weather from a Web Services based on USA zipcodes. This web services does not work outside the US. But other countries might have similar web services where a similar method could be used. For those that don't know a web services is a way to interact with a database or dataset via an http website. It's formatted a special way to return variables and you query most web services like a database. 1. You have to create a power shell script using PowerShell ISE. All versions of Windows from 7 and up should ha...

Justin's Custom .stl

I'm starting a new thread for my custom 3D projects so I can showcase them in just one thread from now on. And since it is Friday the 13th, (ch ch ch ch, ah ah ah) I made JD a mask to go over the standard face. I might have to print two so I can paint one in Chicago Blackhawk's colors.

Ez-robot Bb-8 Hexapod Body

I made a BB-8 hexapod body to go with the head. You can use the mountable head with the EZ-Bit I made: Or you could just take the head and glue it on if you like that look better:

Jd Backpack

I did a mock up of the JD backpack based on suggestions from @WBS00001 and @ptp from my C3PO JD head post. It has a male clip on the bottom to slide into the 3rd middle female slot inbetween JD's legs to anchor the backpack cover. It also has two posts that slide into the top two screw holes of JD to help steady the cover. There is a dual female slot on the back where you can mount 2 things like sensor modules or light weight items. I opted not to add a male clip at the top of JD as the other anchor point. I don't think it's needed for a cover, but I may make an alternative version and incorporate that idea. I feel like it would only be needed if you wanted to do something extreme...


Robot Name: RedBender Purpose: To be used as a small test platform for testing ideas and developing my software ideas for use with EZ-Builder. Parts Used: EZ-b v3, firmware 16.6, 2 continuous rotation servos for drive wheels, servo for neck (up/down), wireless camera (EZ-Robot 1st generation), HC-SR04 sonar, servo controller BigGripper (from www.BudgetRobotics.com - discontinued) Power: 6xAA batteries Body: The main body is a very old frame built of wood which includes the torso down to the base where the wheels mount. It's something a childhood friend made 20+ years ago. I revived it with a black base coat, Plexiglas front and back panels and aluminum side panels....


EZ-Face is the first in what I plan to develop into a suite of supporting application for EZ-Builder and other robotics applications. EZ-Face performs multiple face recognition. It has a interface for training faces and assigning names. When the application sees faces that are recognized the names are displayed and visually you'll see boxes around the faces with the names assigned. If a face is detected but not recognized there will be a display of a box around the face with no name. The more pictures of a face you train, the easier it is for the application to recognize a face. This is a stand alone application developed in C# under Visual Studio.NET 2013. You should have ....

Mini B

I adopted Mini B from Bret Tallent. The original project showcase is here: http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/posts.aspx?threadId=2266 Here is the original build process: http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/posts.aspx?threadId=938 Mini B arrived at his new home on 1-23-2014. He was packed very well, but did encounter some "issues" in shipping, mostly to his head/neck. The head broke off from the neck, the servo neck connector broke, some of the wires in the head broke and the camera board broke. The right arm is messed up too, but that was an issue that came up before shipping. When you take over a robot built by someone else there a lot of questions t...

Finley Themed Robot

Robot Name: Finley Named after Finley the flying monkey assistant in the movie "OZ, The Great and Powerful", http://oz.wikia.com/wiki/Finley The name is also a Gaelic boy's name meaning - Fair Warrior http://babynamesworld.parentsconnect.com/meaning_of_Finley.html Height: 28" Weight: unknown Power: 7.2v 6800 mAH, NiMH Controller: EZ-B v.3 Total Number of Servos: 12 Drive Servos: (4) Parallax, Inc. continuous rotation Drive Servo Mounts: (4) from www.BudgetRobotics.com Wheels: www.BudgetRobotics.com X Wheels Wrists: 2 (1 for each hand) Tower Pro (blue) 9g servos with custom made brackets Grippers: 2 - micro grippers from www.tbaumg.com Elbows: 2 (1 for ea...