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This isn't a new robot but rather a remix of an old idea I had. It's based off of a robot that I built for a 555 timer design contest I entered years ago, I called it the Freedom555bot. Fridgebot is a terrible name so I'm open to suggestions. I just named it that because I do most of my testing on the door of my fridge, lol. I've always liked the idea of a small robot that could cling to metal surfaces and I had it in mind when we were designing the IoTiny. I figured it would be the perfect solution to control such a small form factor robot. While mostly a novelty, I did have a few ideas on how this robot could be used practically: 1. By adding a EZ-B camer...

Voltron Robot

Hey guys, sorry it's been so long since I posted a project....too long. Let's just say that the last few years have been a bit busy with the la Revolution! ;) So I've had the dream for a long time to have my own walking and talking robot version of Voltron but using the toys was going to be way too expensive. I would also have been quite sad to ruin such an awesome collector's item. When I found out that someone was creating a free 3D printable Voltron design I was all over it! It took upwards of 100 hours of printing and about $100 in filament but it was definitely worth it. Here's a picture of the main components: In hindsight, I likely didn't have to print out that...

Richard R And Bhouston In Make Magazine

Congrats to @Richard R and @Bhouston for getting their inMoov robots published! It's pretty awesome seeing you guys in the forums getting some much deserved recognition :) I'd loved to see more of you guys getting your stuff published or featured.

Optimus Prime

*************************NEW UPDATES************************* *************Scroll to the bottom to see the newest post************** I just wanted to share some of the progress I've got done on my newest EZ-B project. The plan is to make Optimus Prime bipedal but since this is my first forte into humanoid robots my expectations aren't very high. In the end I'd like to have Optimus carry the EZ-B like a back pack with an Arduino sound shield of some sort quoting Prime sayings every now and again. I also need to fit a LiPo battery in somewhere and I'll try to cover most of it up with some Gundam model parts that I received. Here's some early photos: