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Roli Time-lapse Video Robot

Hey everyone, I wanted to introduce to you the World's first Pretty straight forward, your standard garden variety Roli with a GoPro mount ... With help from Cory, we've created a printable GoPro EZ-Bit. Quite useful, really. Setup is simple. The GoPro set to fire every 5 seconds, and the Code moves Roli for 1/10 of a second, (about 1/2 inch) then wait for 4.9 seconds, and repeat. Then make sure the GoPro is in sync, and just let the thing rock and roll. The beauty with this setup is that you can also add code to get the head to rotate, which we did in a couple of the time-lapses later on in the video. I've also taken a cue from Hollywood and built a film rail, whi...