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Droid In Progress

I'm not talking about the iPhone clone (haha) Here's R0-F6, my love letter to the SW universe. R0 is the dome style, using an R7 body scheme, and custom details designed by me. The "F6" designation, "f" is the sixth letter in the alphabet, so "F6" is short for "order 66" when the emperor ordered all Jedi be exterminated. I support that since I hate Jedi scum. As you can see, he's a long way from completion, but he's gonna be simple, well in EZ robot standards anyway. 2 motors to drive, 1 motor for the dome, 2 servos to drive the holoprojector eye, and a few blinking lights. All mobile app controlled. He's gonna be mostly black, and I designed all the droid sounds using the BeeBot app. Pa...

"archetype" Finally Complete

Well it's never really complete right? Here's my first (whew!) fully working droid, "Archetype". As you can see its somewhat EZbit "friendly" so room for expansion is possible. I hope you all like my style...back to the old way of doing things, without 3D printers. Having said that, I have to credit Richard R for the ezbits. Enjoy, and comments and suggestions are appreciated! As of right now, I can't use everything at the same time, since it causes the ezb to brown out. I have also done the super cap fix, although it helps, I still only have a 2 amp voltage regulator running everything. That's only temporary of course. Once I get a higher amp battery I'll post some videos.

Dirgebot V1

Hello all It's been a while since I posted, been busy catching up on back orders for IKON so that took up most of my time. I finished Doombot's skeleton/frame and I took him apart to make molds so I can reproduce the parts in aluminum and carbon fiber and kevlar. Its gonna be one mean deadly machine. Anyway in the meantime I created Dirgebot, a smaller, less menacing and simpler to program (less moving parts) machine that's somewhat kid-friendly (for me). I wanted something my kid can play with (she wont even go in the room where Doom was parked). Anyhoo here is the progress. Depending on how this proto goes I may market this model as a complete, not a kit, but somethin...

Doombot V1.0

Hello all, Been here for a while now and I thought I'd share my project with you, DoomBot V1.0. He's a big one, a little under 5 feet tall. I'm still working on the platform, haven't really decided just yet, but I did get 2 wheelchair motors. Nothing is wired up yet, I'm still planning on adding a bunch of stuff on it so we'll see. The arms are all dc window motors and a pneumatic cylinder. Comments appreciated! Influences are T-600-800, Predator, Alien (I live for H.R Giger). I'm sculpting all the panels once all the hardware is crammed in. This is gonna have a real sick exoskeleton, both for looks and strength. See my website to get an idea. :D