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Antonn started off as Lilian. She had the ability to move through the family room, react using voice commands, speak, and amuse as requested. She had a camera mounted under her nose, and eyes that moved, followed via tracking etc. Her arms were originally borrowed from Jd, but were replaced with a weak copy of “Poppy’s” arms. The arms were modified to use standard servos instead of the strong dynamixel servos. Being a prototype, she has been stored away and may come back as “Antonnett” some day if, Antonn decides to retire. Due to a Halloween project called Madame Ninndo, which was developed using an Ez Robot's EZBv4, the idea for Antonn came to be. Lilian gave up her life for now. Modifi...

Walmart R2d2

Hello to All, Here is the Walmart R2D2 project. I disassembled the unit and was surprised to find it was more than a shell. There are opportunities to use the inserts in the dome to mount LEDs and a camera, and a bearing ring which has a ring gear to allow the easy installation of a servo or gearbox to move it. I found, using a flashlight, lights can be mounted against the skin to light up the panels. The body has some areas which can be modified or changed out for more flaps or lights. Due to flat areas on the bottom of the body, mounting an additional front foot should be somewhat easy. The legs have a flat bottom and a pod to mount either a motor or continuous servos for the drive....

The Great Madame Ninndo Project

The announcer using an older Scary Terry board. Video 1

"lilian" Is Assembled And Running

Hello to All, "Lilian" ( LIfe LIke ANdroid ) is my test robot (ver1) made from a trash can, a cardboard box, a mask, packing tape, foam rubber, foam board, a dress from Goodwill, stuff around the house and a hot glue gun. She has two mini servos with a 5 volt regulator running the eyes, a camera mounted under her nose, two neck servos, three servos and a gripper in each arm, two continuous servos in the base, a 5000 mah 7.2 volt Nimh battery, a power switch, and of course the GREAT EZB v4. Her head tracks faces and color, arms have manual movement, and she can move forward, reverse, left and right by a movement panel and voice command. She also has the ability to reply to a number of verbal...