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Detect Multiple Colors

One of the features that makes ez-robot so special is the camera that can detect faces, objects, glyphs, qr codes and multiple colors. For this tutorial, we will use the JD Humanoid. However, this process can easily be applied to any ez-robot configuration.

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by ezrobot

Time Lapse With A Gopro

Here's a video which shows how you can use a GoPro for time lapse photography with Roli. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IreUCKTxbbg Question - which control is being used? I'd like to know where to enter the script to allow Roli to move. I assumed it was either the camera control or the Auto Position Movement Panel. I entered the script in each control but Roli isn't responding. Here is the script from the video: Any suggestions?

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by tom.caine

Use Camera As A Button

You can use a Camera in EZ-Builder as a button without any external code. I created a custom multicolor named "Dark" and set it a orange/red range and I set it to the maximum size for detection. This is what worked best for me as I discovered the orange/red color range was reflected off my hand as it moved toward the camera to block the view. I started out using the darkest shade of blue possible but...

Last Modified on 9/17/2015

Created by JustinRatliff