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My Current Dewy Drive Train Setup + Info

Ok. So. People who might be unsure how they're supposed to connect h-bridges to the ez-b V4 will wanna check this one out for an idea. I made this video to show people how my Dewy drivetrain is currently setup. If it helped anyone, let me know! If I was wrong at any point in the video leave a comment on it. Thanks guys, And I hope it helps! Tech. [PDF]

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by Cardboard Hacker

L298n H-bridge

Setting Up L298n H-Bridge This tutorial assumes only a single combined speed control for both motors. For independent speed of each motor the tutorial will be slightly different - See post #2 of this topic. Assuming ports D15, D16, D17, D18 & D19 D15 Signal > Left Trigger A (In 1) D16 Signal > Left Trigger B (In 2) D17 Signal > Right Trigger A (In 3) D18 Signal > Right Trigger B (In 4) D19 VCC > H-Bridge 5V D19 Ground > H-Bridge Ground D19 Signal > H-Bridge... [PDF]

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by Rich

Use Arduino for Wheel Encoder Counter

Have your Arduino count motor encoder rotations. Connect the Arduino to your EZ-B UART #0 port to send the encoder counts. [PDF]

Last Modified on 5/26/2016

Created by ezrobot

Control Meccano Meccanoid

Connect a Meccanoid to your EZ-B by using an Arduino as the translator. [PDF]

Last Modified on 6/5/2016

Created by ezrobot