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Flex Sensor with an ADC Port Tutorial

Here is a companion tutorial to go with the ADC tutorial. The ADC ports on the EZ-b v4 can host a number of different kinds of sensors that run on 3.3 volts. There are some sensors however that need a helping hand to work and the v4's analog ports, and flex sensors are one such sensor. In this tutorial, I will go through the steps for how to get a flex sensor up and running on an ADC port. [PDF]

Last Modified on 10/16/2015

Created by Steve G

Using ADC (Analog to Digital) Ports, Commands and Controls.

This tutorial will cover some basics on using the ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) ports on the EZ-B v4. Included will be some information about the ADC ports, mention some of the peripherals that can be used with them, the EZ-Builder ADC controls you can use, and some script examples for you to look at and try. [PDF]

Last Modified on 3/23/2016

Created by Steve G