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Learn with The Robot Program

Learn how to build and program EZ-Robots with The Robot Program!

Calibrate Continuous Rotation Servo and Adjust Speed

How to calibrate the continuous rotation servos and adjust their speed. AdventureBot is used in this example. [PDF]

Last Modified on 7/12/2016

Created by ezrobot

Using Amazon Echo (Alexa) as microphone for EZ-Robot

In searching for a noise tolerant microphone for my EZ-Robot AdventureBot I checked out the Amazon Echo product which has a great feature in its always-on array microphones. You can even place several low-cost Echo Dots ($50) around your home to enable multi room use. The problem was how to get it to talk to EZB. The answer is, as pointed out by @Mickey666Maus in a previous post, the free web service called IFTTT (If This Then That). IFTTT has a built-in interface (Channel) that supports Amazon Echo and includes a user defined Channel called Maker that offers a means to send http commands to devices. [PDF]

Last Modified on 4/16/2018

Created by faengelm

The Robot Program Episode 012: Getting AdventureBot to Move

This lesson will demonstrate how to connect to and move the Revolution AdventureBot robot. Follow along with The Robot Program Episode 012: Getting AdventureBot to Move. At the end of this lesson, the reader will have learned how to connect to the robot using Wi-Fi, how to track color, access the the RoboScratch workspace for programming, and how to execute wheeled movement. View the video episode here: https://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Lesson/83 [PDF]

Last Modified on 5/29/2018

Created by Professor E