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Voltage Regulators

I found this very informative guide on voltage regulators from and why switching regulators extends your battery life between charges. ------------------------------------------------ A Beginner's Guide to Switching Regulators What is wrong with a linear regulator? Linear regulators are great for powering very low powered devices. They are easy to use and cheap, and therefore are very popular. However, due to the way they work, they are extremely inefficient. A linear regulator works by taking the difference between the input and output... [PDF]

Last Modified on 11/26/2013

Created by Troy

Beginner To Novice Tutorials At Sparkfun

I grant you that this isn't my tutorial but rather a reference to tutorials. That being said, here ya go. :) ---- I was poking around the SparkFun.com website and took a little time looking at what they have in the tutorials section. Quite a lot of it is illustrated well for beginners to novice. I thought I'd share this with our newer members but it's also a great refresher. It's may be a good reference for the commonly asked topics. [url=https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/pull-up-resistors]Pull... [PDF]

Last Modified on 10/12/2013

Created by Troy