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Learn with The Robot Program

Learn how to build and program EZ-Robots with The Robot Program!

Using Amazon Echo (Alexa) as microphone for EZ-Robot

In searching for a noise tolerant microphone for my EZ-Robot AdventureBot I checked out the Amazon Echo product which has a great feature in its always-on array microphones. You can even place several low-cost Echo Dots ($50) around your home to enable multi room use. The problem was how to get it to talk to EZB. The answer is, as pointed out by @Mickey666Maus in a previous post, the free web service called IFTTT (If This Then That). IFTTT has a built-in interface (Channel) that supports Amazon Echo and includes a user defined Channel called Maker that offers a means to send http commands to devices.

Last Modified on 4/16/2018

Created by faengelm

Synbot Plugin Tutorial - interface to Syn Bot Software

How To install bot software, EZ builder Synbot plugin and example SIML project files

Last Modified on 3/20/2018

Created by Jlucben

Speech recognition tutorial

Speech recognition is becoming a very popular way to control robots. This tutorial will explain the EZ-Builder speech recognition control in detail, and go through the the steps of how to set it up. It will also include further information such as explaining the controls, training Windows Speech Recognition, and general information on using speech recognition successfully.

Last Modified on 3/18/2018

Created by Steve G

How To Make An EZ-Builder Plugin

So, you have a fantastic idea for a new control in EZ-Builder? This is the tutorial which explains step by step how to create a plugin for EZ-Builder. This tutorial will help you create a simple plugin with two buttons which move a servo to get you started.

Last Modified on 11/26/2017

Created by ezrobot

Reading and Writing with Files

This tutorial is an introduction to working with text files in EZ-Builder. EZ-Builder gives you the ability to write information to text files and read information from text files. You can use this for logging data, giving your robot a memory, a way to read in data you might not want to manually enter in a script and anything else that your imagination might lead you to use text files for.

Last Modified on 11/20/2017

Created by JustinRatliff

Posting pictures in a Forum thread

Call it a pet peeve or just wanting help people post pictures in their forum threads with the correct orientation. This tutorial will help you prepare your pictures for uploading in to the forum threads. Everyone is making great looking robots, now lets make great looking threads!!!!

Last Modified on 6/28/2017

Created by bhouston

NeoPixel Ring with Arduino as control board

A NeoPixel ring or strip can be controlled by the EZ-B by using an Arduino as an interface. In this tutorial, we will show the wiring necessary, the Sketch that needs to be loaded onto the Arduino and some example scripts to use in EZ-Builder to use the NeoPixel ring. Just a big thanks to @RobertL184 (who supplied the original sketch) for the time and energy that he put into getting this working for the community.

Last Modified on 6/17/2017

Created by CochranRobotics

Ssc-32 Servo Control Via Script

Here is a tutorial on how to use the Lynxmotion SSC-32 Servo Board with EZ-Script. *Note: EZ Builder has an SSC-32 control which is also supported in the auto-positioner and native servo controls. This example is only for EZ-Script and the SSC-32 without using the EZ-Builder SSC-32 Control.

Last Modified on 5/4/2017

Created by Richard R

EZ-Builder Installation tips

This tutorial goes over the commonly asked questions and errors encountered when installing ez-builder, as well as compatibility and other tips!

Last Modified on 4/14/2017

Created by Cardboard Hacker

Control More Than One Robot

How to control more than one robot in a single EZ-Builder project. This tutorial uses Revolution robots that depend on the Auto Position control, but the similar approach can be used for any robot styles.

Last Modified on 2/7/2017

Created by ezrobot

3rd Party voice fix after Win10 Anniversary Update

The Win10 Anniversary update broke my third party Ivona voice. This short tutorial shows how you can fix it again. Credit goes to Steve G for his excellent tutorial that got my voice working in the first place! https://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/Thread?threadId=7421

Last Modified on 10/26/2016

Created by Tameion

Wheel Building with basic power tools

Building large wheels for a robot that are lighter weight than the rubber/ steel hub surplus stuff. Tools required are a circular saw, a jig saw, at least 3 clamps, a heat gun, a hacksaw and a drill/driver. Materials required are 3/4 inch plywood, 3/8 inch plywood, and 1/8 inch hardboard. Also required are 1 1/8 inch drywall screws and adhesive.

Last Modified on 9/12/2016

Created by JustANerd

How To: Control Windows Media Player

How To: Control Windows Media Player The question has come up a couple of time in various forum threads about how to control the Media Player. We have learned many things about how to control the Media Player through these threads, so it's time we make a tutorial. One caveat is that when we talk about the Media Player, we are referring to the Desktop Media Player version, not the "funky" Windows 8 app Media Player. ** Please Note, these PowerShell scripts may not work in Windows 10 **

Last Modified on 8/31/2016

Created by JustinRatliff

Calibrate Continuous Rotation Servo and Adjust Speed

How to calibrate the continuous rotation servos and adjust their speed. AdventureBot is used in this example.

Last Modified on 7/12/2016

Created by ezrobot

Auto Backup of EZB Project

Using a batch file and a script in EZ-Builder you can create a scripted method to auto backup your EZB project file.

Last Modified on 7/7/2016

Created by JustinRatliff

Control Meccano Meccanoid

Connect a Meccanoid to your EZ-B by using an Arduino as the translator.

Last Modified on 6/5/2016

Created by ezrobot

Use Arduino for Wheel Encoder Counter

Have your Arduino count motor encoder rotations. Connect the Arduino to your EZ-B UART #0 port to send the encoder counts.

Last Modified on 5/26/2016

Created by ezrobot

Sabertooth+Kagaroo+DC motors as Servos

This tutorial shows how to use a DC motor as a Servo, using a Sabertooth+Kangaroo boards combination and EZ-builder

Last Modified on 4/21/2016

Created by tevans

Using ADC (Analog to Digital) Ports, Commands and Controls.

This tutorial will cover some basics on using the ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) ports on the EZ-B v4. Included will be some information about the ADC ports, mention some of the peripherals that can be used with them, the EZ-Builder ADC controls you can use, and some script examples for you to look at and try.

Last Modified on 3/23/2016

Created by Steve G

Pulse Flash LED with PWM

Pulse Width Modulation is the method of having a digital port, which is only On or Off to have a varying output voltage. Use this approach to flash and LED with a pulsing effect.

Last Modified on 1/16/2016

Created by ezrobot

Speech Recognition Say It Didn't Understand You

The speech recognition uses a confidence level to determine if it understood your verbal command. This tutorial demonstrates how to add a response to the speech recognition if it does not understand you, and asks to repeat the command.

Last Modified on 1/13/2016

Created by ezrobot

Tutorial On Fixing Voice Synthesis Problem With Windows 8.1 and 10

This is a tutorial to help those of you having issues with speech synthesis working within EZ-Builder on a Windows 8.1 computer. Hopefully this will help you whether you're a seasoned EZ-Builder user, or if your just starting out, and are facing issues with speech synthesis. UPDATE: The fix outlined in this tutorial also works for Windows 10, where a similar issue occurs.

Last Modified on 12/16/2015

Created by Steve G

Amps, Volts, Power Converters and Power Supplies.

This tutorial will explain what is needed for powering an EZ-B v4, any peripherals connected to it such as servos and sensors, and will talk about the different power requirements and hardware options that can be used to help avoid problems with your robotic projects. Whether you are new to robotics, or have been involved in the field for years, hopefully this will help to confirm or deny a few misunderstandings, and set you on the road for having a safe and solid electrical system in your robotic projects. This tutorial will cover Amps, Volts, EZ-B v4 power specs, Batteries and Mains supplies. It will also go through what Series and Parallel means, how to use a multi-meter, Power regulation such as regulators and Buck converters, and electrical wire.

Last Modified on 10/23/2015

Created by Steve G

Power supplies-Types, and EZ-robot Use

In this tutorial, we'll learn about the different types of power supplies, and their use with the ez-b and other hardware, to help you find the right method to power your robot.

Last Modified on 10/17/2015

Created by Cardboard Hacker

The EZ-Builder Script Manual.

This is an online version of the EZ-Script manual for easy reference. It is a copy of what can be found under the "EZ-Script Help" tab inside of a controls script editor inside EZ-Builder. There are two versions of the manual in this document... the full one page manual, and a broken down version arranged in alphabetical order for your convenience. Use this online manual when you want to reference it, but do not have EZ-Builder on your device.

Last Modified on 10/16/2015

Created by Steve G

Soundboard PC & Soundbard EZ-B tutorial.

This tutorial will guide you through how to set up and use the "Soundboard" controls to give your robot the ability to have sound effects and play music without any additional hardware. This tutorial will explain the various soundboard controls, what they do, and will give a couple of examples that you can play with.

Last Modified on 10/16/2015

Created by Steve G

Explanation and Uses of Arrays.

This Tutorial will explain what an "Array" is, and give you some examples of how they are, or can be used within EZ-Builder and your robotics projects. This is not a "How to" tutorial, but more of a guide explaining how how arrays are used in various applications.

Last Modified on 10/16/2015

Created by Steve G

Display Popup Tutorial.

This tutorial will guide you through the setup and various uses for using one of the available plugins that can be found on then EZ-Robot website. The display plugin displays your robots response in a text format on a computer or tablets screen. This is a great option if you have a computer display installed on your robot, as this plugin control can be used where speech synthesis is not an option for people with hearing difficulties, and allows them to interact with your robot. This is also useful if you have a robot that does not speak, much like R2-D2, as this can act as a translator of sorts.

Last Modified on 10/16/2015

Created by Steve G

How to make an EZ-Robot Tutorial

This is a short tutorial to show you how to create a tutorial for the EZ-Robot website, using the "Tutorials" section.

Last Modified on 10/16/2015

Created by Steve G

Tip120 & Tip122 Transistor Switching Circuit

This excellent tutorial was created by Rich Pyke, and has been posted on his behalf. This Tutorial will go through the steps for making a TIP120 and TIP122 transistor switching circuit. These can be used much like a relay or switch for turning on and off a string of LED's for example, but have the added bonus of using PWM (pulse width modulation) so you can adjust the brightness of the LED's. This became an evolving tutorial with additional information and options available being added. The change log at the end of this post explains changes made. Any additional information will be added as and when discovered.

Last Modified on 10/16/2015

Created by Steve G

Setting Servo speeds and Initialization Script Tutorial

This tutorial will explain what an initialization script is and how to use them in your EZ-Builder projects. Initialization scripts, sometimes referred to as "Init" scripts are used to prime controls, devices, or existing scripts within your EZ-Builder projects, and sets them ready for use. Sometimes, you may see it referred to as a "Run Once" script. In the next few steps, I will go through how to set an "Init" script up, and go through some of the main uses for this function, that includes servos speeds and setting variables.

Last Modified on 10/16/2015

Created by Steve G

Pandorabot tutorial

This tutorial will cover the different uses with a Pandorabot chatbot and EZ-Builder. Pandorabots is a great option for having dynamic speech synthesis conversations with your robot, and you can tie in it's responses with Cheat Sheet commands to control sensors, media files, servos ect, all from the EZ-Builder Pandorabot control. You can customize the Pandorabot with different and new responses, and there is quite a bit of documentation online describing how to use certain functions, such as using the tag for variable response for different user names, and using tags to keep conversations on topic, some of which will be covered in this tutorial.

Last Modified on 10/16/2015

Created by Steve G

Cepstral Voice Effects

For anyone who uses, or wants to use voices, you may be aware that they also supply sound effects with the voices they offer. These are great to have your robot sound, well, like a robot and not so human. Downloading a Cepstral voice and selecting a sound effect to use such as "Old Robot" will work fine with Windows Narrator, but won't work straight away with EZ-Builder, only the non effect voice will be heard. But there is a way to achieve this.

Last Modified on 10/16/2015

Created by Steve G

Flex Sensor with an ADC Port Tutorial

Here is a companion tutorial to go with the ADC tutorial. The ADC ports on the EZ-b v4 can host a number of different kinds of sensors that run on 3.3 volts. There are some sensors however that need a helping hand to work and the v4's analog ports, and flex sensors are one such sensor. In this tutorial, I will go through the steps for how to get a flex sensor up and running on an ADC port.

Last Modified on 10/16/2015

Created by Steve G

How to choose correct battery(s).

Given the wide range of actuators and electronics which go into a robot, choosing the right battery may not be an easy task. This tutorial guides you through the thought processes involved in choosing one or more batteries for your robot.

Last Modified on 10/15/2015

Created by Ravdeep

If Elseif Else Goto & Return Commands

Another one which was written and hidden within a different topic and should warrant it's own tutorial post, the IF (etc.) commands. [quote]If (Value Condition Value ) IF condition can support multiple comparisons and functions. Condition tree must be closed with an ENDIF[/quote] An if command requires a condition, this is the part in brackets after it. Think of it logically, it's the same as you think when you decide IF you want to do something or not. So, for instance, you go to...

Last Modified on 9/17/2015

Created by Rich

Use Camera As A Button

You can use a Camera in EZ-Builder as a button without any external code. I created a custom multicolor named "Dark" and set it a orange/red range and I set it to the maximum size for detection. This is what worked best for me as I discovered the orange/red color range was reflected off my hand as it moved toward the camera to block the view. I started out using the darkest shade of blue possible but...

Last Modified on 9/17/2015

Created by JustinRatliff

Command Syntax For Data Retrieval

It seems a lot of people are getting a little confused over the script commands for receiving data and have noticed the syntax is incorrect. So it's tutorial time again :) Basically, the common mistake is to assume the command for receiving ADC, HTTP etc. data is like; However that will return an invalid syntax. If you think about it, that is no different to having a line of code which is; The returned data in the HTTPGet example could be 23, so what...

Last Modified on 9/17/2015

Created by Rich

Sudo's Guide To Dynamixels

So, you finally have your EZ-B v4. You love it already, and you're ready to hook this baby up to some sort of Dynamixel powered creation. You go to plug everything in, and - wait. You have no idea how to set those Dynamixels up. Well, I do, and I'll show you how. SECTION 1: GETTING TO KNOW DYNAMIXELS Dynamixels are intelligent servos that can track not only position, but temperature, speed, and load. The servo can automagically shut itself of incase of...

Last Modified on 9/17/2015

Created by Sudo

Controlling A Kangaroo With The V4

For Dave and Richard and anyone else who is interested, here is fully working and tested code for using the Kangaroo (with bi-directional comms) via the UART on the V4 with encoder feedback. I am still quite new with EZ scripting so the code may not be as elegant as I would like, I could not find an ASCII to decimal function in EZ-Builder so I had to write a block of code to do this DJ maybe I am missing...

Last Modified on 9/17/2015

Created by Toymaker

Ez-b V4 Connection Tutorial

Now I know there are video tutorials however sometimes it's cool to have a text/image based walkthrough which can be printed too. One of the first things you may want to do when you get your EZ-B V4 is to change how it connects. By default it acts as an access point which your PC or Mobile device will connect to. That's fine for some however I plan to have mine online and connected to my home network. In order to change...

Last Modified on 9/17/2015

Created by Rich

How To Connect Your Ez-b V4 To Your Computer(both Ways[ap And Client])

I made a few How-to videos showing people how to connect the ez-b v4 in both Ap mode, and in client mode. This first video shows how to connect for the first time in AP Mode. AP mode: The ez-b gives of its own Wi-Fi connection(hotspot) and is connected to the computer directly. AP Mode is the mode the ez-b first starts on. You have to connect to it in AP mode before you can switch to Client Mode. AP Mode: Client Mode:...

Last Modified on 9/17/2015

Created by Cardboard Hacker

Make Robot Talk

Demonstration how to use the Speech Synthesis Control to make your robot talk.

Last Modified on 9/16/2015

Created by ezrobot

Sound Activated Circuits (leds, Lamps Etc)

One item that crops up often is sound activated LEDs or lights. And while the Sound Servo control in EZ-Builder can handle this it is not perfect. So some clever scripting needs to be used to activate/deactivate/dim the lights or LEDs. A quick little example of the outcome of the script initially done for Rex's project Questor. So how is it done? It's very simple to be honest. First add the Sound Servo control and set it up as below. Notice how the port...

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by Rich

L298n H-bridge

Setting Up L298n H-Bridge This tutorial assumes only a single combined speed control for both motors. For independent speed of each motor the tutorial will be slightly different - See post #2 of this topic. Assuming ports D15, D16, D17, D18 & D19 D15 Signal > Left Trigger A (In 1) D16 Signal > Left Trigger B (In 2) D17 Signal > Right Trigger A (In 3) D18 Signal > Right Trigger B (In 4) D19 VCC > H-Bridge 5V D19 Ground > H-Bridge Ground D19 Signal > H-Bridge...

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by Rich

Notify My Android Integration

As discussed in the Twitter topic, I have successfully integrated Notify My Android's (NMA) API in to EZ-Builder through EZ-Script. This will allow push notifications from EZ-Builder to your Android devices for instant remote warnings and information. To set it up first you must have a Notify My Android account, there are free accounts or for a flat $4.99 fee you can upgrade. Free are fine if you send less than 5 notifications per day but for $5 it's worth upgrading...

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by Rich

Ez-b Powered By Roomba

Here is one way to eliminate the need for an additional battery to power the EZ-B. The Roomba SCI 7-pin mini din connector provides unregulated battery power at 1/2 amp directly to pins 6 & 7 (Gnd) and pins 1 & 2 (Positive battery) Normally on a fully charged Roomba battery the voltage can be as much as 17 vdc. Since the EZ-B (3) can accept up to 17 vdc direct Roomba battery power can be used to run...

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by Robot Doc

Breaking Out The Sound From The V4 Ezb

Hi all, EDIT: the below post has been changed to reflect changes to correct wrong information and show the successes I had with the proper wiring information I received from the fabulous EZ Robot Support team: I spent some time over the past couple days seeing what I could do with the sound that can be streamed from my computer and played through the EZB V4. First I gotta say I'm no sound engineer or even a weekend garage installer. Just...

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by Dave Schulpius

Lcd Display For Ezb4 - Using Arduino Mini As Controler

Hello again, I have created an LCD Display for the EZB4. This is a very cheep and easy project. You will need 1 LCD display ( my code is set up for 2 line 16 char display) 1 Arduino ( any model will work but i recomend the Pro MINI) Oh here is the wiring . again I am using the pro mini . this is...

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by Luis Vazquez

How To Make A Wide Angle Ir Non Contact Bumper

I designed a wide angle IR (non contact) bumper for robots a while back but never used it. It may be useful to the folks here on the forum so I thought I would post it. The neat thing about this IR bumper is that it will detect most objects in front of it without any scanning like using a rotating servo plus ranger so no moving parts and its very fast. It also reports back the position of smaller objects...

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by Toymaker

Time Lapse With A Gopro

Here's a video which shows how you can use a GoPro for time lapse photography with Roli. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IreUCKTxbbg Question - which control is being used? I'd like to know where to enter the script to allow Roli to move. I assumed it was either the camera control or the Auto Position Movement Panel. I entered the script in each control but Roli isn't responding. Here is the script from the video: Any suggestions?

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by tom.caine

Using Exec() Commands To Help Make A Game

K-9 asks "Would you like to play a game?" So from the famous(ish) line from the movie "War Games", I have taught K-9 a simple, but fun game to entertain people and wanted to showcase it here. I've had some time on my hands, and I gave scripting a game a go, the game being "Rock, Paper, Scissors" aka "Roshambo" aka "lots of other things". As K-9 doesn't have any hands I had to think of a way for him to...

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by Steve G

Randomizing Answers in Speech Recognition

Want to make your robot respond more naturally and not the same thing every time? Here's how to make it answer differently every time!

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by Cardboard Hacker

Rotating Servo Calibration-unscripted

Hey guys. Made this tutorial for people who had difficulty understanding the Ez-Robot tutorials, All unscripted.(This will be my new vid tutorial name: Unscripted) Hope it helped someone! If it did, Like it! If you want more, Subscribe! Roll The Film! __________ Tech

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by Cardboard Hacker

Mobile App Developer Tutorial

So, you've built your ez-robot and now you would like to make your own mobile app. Did you know EZ-Robot has a robot appstore? And that you can easily create your own robot apps to share with the world!

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by ezrobot

Myo Gesture Tutorial

The MYO is a creative controller for interacting with your ez-robot. It uses gestures and an accelerometer to trigger actions, events and move servos. This tutorial demonstrates how to add a Myo to your EZ-Robot. Here's a link to the manual page: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Help.aspx?id=206

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by ezrobot

Rgb Array Tutorial

I've added a video to the 18 RGB LED Block, Humanoid Head with Camera & RGB Eyes and 18 RGB LED PCB to explain how to use them. There have been questions in the past on how to set it up for displaying graphical animation. Here's your answer :)

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by ezrobot

Detect Multiple Colors

One of the features that makes ez-robot so special is the camera that can detect faces, objects, glyphs, qr codes and multiple colors. For this tutorial, we will use the JD Humanoid. However, this process can easily be applied to any ez-robot configuration.

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by ezrobot

Break Out Sound Hack: Ez-b V4 External Sound Hack

Hey everyone! Following Dave Schulpius's tutorial for adding a 3.5mm headphone jack to the ez-b I successfully connected my wired speaker to the ez-b. Here's a vid detailing the hack and how I did. Original tutorial: Hope it helped! Tech

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by Cardboard Hacker

My Current Dewy Drive Train Setup + Info

Ok. So. People who might be unsure how they're supposed to connect h-bridges to the ez-b V4 will wanna check this one out for an idea. I made this video to show people how my Dewy drivetrain is currently setup. If it helped anyone, let me know! If I was wrong at any point in the video leave a comment on it. Thanks guys, And I hope it helps! Tech.

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by Cardboard Hacker

Turn A Sure Compass Into A Bluetooth Compass

Hello gang! I had an idea this morning and put together this little project. I have a few Sure Compasses around and wanted to see ways to use them. The video is simple and explains how to use it. If you have any questions post them here and I will answer them.

Last Modified on 10/16/2014

Created by Luis Vazquez

I2c Ezb Arduino1 Sensor

Hello all, I wail back I posted some information on using an Arduino as a I2C Sensor controller to use with the EZB3&4 I will post this in 3 stages .. Stage one.. right here right now. In this video you can see how im using the arduino to read the ultrasonic sensor . that in turn is being read by the EZB board via I2C. This is the only code needed to read the ping for the EzBuilder script [code] print(I2CRead(0, 2,6 )) [/code] The code for the...

Last Modified on 10/9/2014

Created by Luis Vazquez

Using The Sure Dc Ss503v100 With Ezb4 From Ez-robots

Using the Sure DC SS503V100 with EZB4 from EZ-Robots Using UART Communication We will be using these pins on the Sure Compass Pin 3 (RX) on Compass to the (TX) pin on EZB4 UART Pin 4 (TX) on Compass to the (RX) pin on EZB4 UART Pin 5 (OPT) on Compass to the (3.3v) pin on EZB4 UART OPT is set HIGH by adding the 3.3v to change the device from I2C to UART communication. Pin 22 (+3.3v) on Compass to the (3.3v) pin on EZB4 UART Pin...

Last Modified on 10/9/2014

Created by Luis Vazquez

Making New Tires For Your Robot , Omnibot 2000 In This Case

Ok so i have a few people who want me to cast them omnibot or 2000 tires. The process is fairly simple but most effective if you have a vacuum pump. First you need you tire specimen to copy. In this case i removed a reconditioned tire from my omnibot 2000. As long as the specimen is physically the shape you want you can use it. You may also use a 3d printer to print a hard...

Last Modified on 8/21/2014

Created by jstarne1

How To Edit Sounds Files For Use In Ez-robot

Have you ever wanted to take a sound files and edit it so your robot can play it back? A nifty and free piece of software called Audacity makes it possible to do just that. You can edit sound files as well as entire songs. First you'll need to download Audacity from: I've been using this software a lot to create sound files for my RedBender robot. Because the robot is my take on Bender from Futurama...

Last Modified on 7/10/2014

Created by JustinRatliff

Making Of 4 Wheel Robot

Hello Guys my Self Mohanish From India and i'm also an Mechanical Engineer and working as a Designer. i would like to know that how to make robots? frankly speak i'm totally unaware about it. i was try searching on Google but cant find anything what i required. on Google i was find this site and its look like what i required I need to know how robot works? I need to know which parts are Required for making 4...

Last Modified on 7/5/2014

Created by mohanish

Getting Started, Omnibot Hacking For Beginners

Hi Guys, When rummaging in the attic I found my old Omnibot with the remote and the original battery pack :) The battery is dead but I popped in two double A's and the digital clock still works. I was too young to really understand what I had was more than just a toy (I was 5 when I got it). Anyway, I want to work on a project with my daughter. She's 7 but she's taken a real liking to...

Last Modified on 6/19/2014

Created by aliusa

Conversion Trick For Inches To Millimeters

This is for anyone out there who would like to know a metric to imperial conversion trick on a calculator. I only post this due to another thread where there was a lot of mixed measurements due to measuring device availability. On a calculator with a tax- and tax+ button, set the tax as 2440. When you have a measurement in inches, hit the tax+ for millimeters, and tax- for millimeters to inches. ;) We use this at work dealing...

Last Modified on 5/12/2014

Created by Steve1DH

Using 123.circuits.io Schematics Pcbs & Breadboards

Circuits.io is an online, browser based schematic drawings, PCB design and breadboard simulation package by AutoDesk. It can be very useful for testing out circuits before you even get around to physically building them and even has a built in Arduino script simulator (which can be useful for testing out how switching of ports or ADC values can effect circuits). The software is pretty simple to use however I decided to write some tutorials on how to use each of the...

Last Modified on 3/6/2014

Created by Rich

Reading Values From Imu Mpu6050 6dof

Hello everyone, I had been trying for some time now and have finally come up with a code for taking values from the IMU. @DJ here it goes; I would also like you to include it in the next update of the SDK if possible. So, to understand it step by step here is how it goes: 1. The latest SDK has some issues in reading method from the I2C port, so I searched over and used one of the early EZ_B dll's....

Last Modified on 1/31/2014

Created by Abdun Nafay

Autodesk 123d Circuit Maker Now Available

Hey guys , making projects easier means having the right tools. Ezb does alot, but it can do even more by making simple circuits. This is a new tool that last year was in beta from the autodesk family. It is available now to use online through the Web or installed on a PC as an application for free. Previously circuits was a independent open source group and still follows collaborative effort among other users. They...

Last Modified on 1/7/2014

Created by jstarne1

Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet.

I say it often enough... "what does the datasheet say?" or "look on the datasheet" But not everyone has the datasheets or knows where to find them so let's make it easy! It's slowly being populated will be cleaned up where needed (I may even throw in some EZ-B connection schematics and instructions if I get the time to do them). To be honest, at the time of writing this I have literally only just started it and it's...

Last Modified on 12/13/2013

Created by Rich

Voltage Regulators

I found this very informative guide on voltage regulators from and why switching regulators extends your battery life between charges. ------------------------------------------------ A Beginner's Guide to Switching Regulators What is wrong with a linear regulator? Linear regulators are great for powering very low powered devices. They are easy to use and cheap, and therefore are very popular. However, due to the way they work, they are extremely inefficient. A linear regulator works by taking the difference between the input and output...

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Created by Troy

Digole Digital Solutions Lcd Displays

There are a lot of different LCD Displays out there and a lot of them can be tricky to get working. All of them require some sort of backback which converts the serial or I2C commands sent to it in to what is displayed on the screen, but these commands can change between manufacturers and even models. A while ago @toymaker did a quick tutorial on the Devantech LCD displays which are great to use but I always like a choice. [url=http://www.digole.com]Digole...

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Created by Rich

Regulators , Bec Switching , Step Down Buck Converters , Data , Tests And Sugge

I think the recent questions about regulation of voltage it would be helpful to post a tutorial style information center. I happen to have obtained many of the common sub 15 amp regulators. Having them all in one place provides some advantages in that I can directly compare them in size , efficiency , temperature ect. If you have a suggestion of info to add into this post I will consider adding it for future reference. If there is...

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Created by jstarne1

Ez-b To 9 Volt Battery

Hi guys just woundering can you hoke up an ez-b to a 9 vollt battery because 6 aa batteries are 9 volts and if I could use a 9 volt battery it would give me alot more spase in my wall-e. tanx Dante *confused*

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Created by wall e lover 360

Diy Camera / Phone Tripod From Instamorph / Polymorph Plastic

http://www.ez-robot.com/Shop/AccessoriesDetails.aspx?prevCat=8&productNumber=28 The Polymorphic Thermoplastic is available in 1kg variety in the store for 40 dollars. I linked it above. I would recommend everyone who buys a EZ Robot kit to get a bag of this stuff because you can use it literally on every project. It's just as useful as hot glue , epoxy or solder. I needed to make a stand fore close up lighting when soldering and using the new HD camera. A few grams was plenty to shape...

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Created by jstarne1

(small) Tutorial On How To Create Ez-bits

the simple guide on how to design ez-bits note: no paid software is needed :D note: in order to upload the ez-bits under your name you will need to be logged in in the software and need to have a internet connection! step one: download & install sketchup 8 or later http://www.sketchup.com/ step two: download and install the stl plugin: http://extensions.sketchup.com/en/content/sketchup-stl (or download ) step three: start modelling to your ideas in sketchup, but keep in mind the dimensions of the ez-b connectors (pic...

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Created by cosplaying_bunny

Wild Thumper Street / Indoor Tire Conversion 4wd Or 6wd

Hey guys sharing this for anyone who wants or has a wild thumper that you can make it a little more indoor friendly and these tires would have better control on smoother non-off-road applications. This is a streettire wheel from dagu and comes with a brass hub.

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Created by jstarne1

Roli / Rover 5 Chassis, Upgrade To 4wd :)

Hello Community, Do you want to add a few pounds of batteries or maybe a cool arm to Roli, but still want that power to tackle uneven terrain? Yea me too! I am bringing you great news on upgrades for the coming Roli Robot kit and this also applies to the Rover 5 Dagu chassis sold separately in the store. The chassis uses two right angle gearboxes , there are 4 "legs" on the chassis. I found the part...

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Beginner To Novice Tutorials At Sparkfun

I grant you that this isn't my tutorial but rather a reference to tutorials. That being said, here ya go. :) ---- I was poking around the SparkFun.com website and took a little time looking at what they have in the tutorials section. Quite a lot of it is illustrated well for beginners to novice. I thought I'd share this with our newer members but it's also a great refresher. It's may be a good reference for the commonly asked topics. [url=https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/pull-up-resistors]Pull...

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Created by Troy

Build A Vacuum Gripper W Servo , Syringe , Tubing

Hello community , in the spirit of diy progression I am sharing some pictures and info on vacuum grippers. I will make a separate thread for pressurized grippers and cylinders so that they are easier to search and find. Simple vacuum grippers consist of a few parts -actuator -pressure/vacuum cylinder -hard tubing -suction cup style gripper The actuator can easily be a rc servo , then a vacuum chamber a syringe , since this is a low neg pressure aquarium off or vinyl...

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Created by jstarne1

Instructable - 0 -24 Volt Adjustable Power Supply How To :)

Hello guys this is a improment over the past tutorial posted for converting a PC power supply to be a bench 12 volt supply. This tutorial uses the same computer PSU to make a adjustable 0 to 24 volts. This means testing equipment of different voltages will be much easier. Now you don't need to hunt down a ad adapter and cut it up only to find it's not really the voltage you needed.

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Created by jstarne1

Tutorial: Voltage Regulators And The Ez-b.

here my first tutorial on Voltage Regualtors and my EZ-B mishap

Last Modified on 7/29/2013

Hooking Up The Sparkfun Usb To Ttl Converter

Here is how I hooked up the (USB to TTL) Adapter in place of the Bluetooth module that sits on top of the EZ-B. 1. I very carefully removed the Bluetooth module from the EZ-B by using a small flat blade screw driver to pry it up. The double sided tape eventually let loose from the IC Chip and I pulled the module free from the EZ-B header . 2. I used the that I got...

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Created by rgordon

Balance Bot Demo Mma7455 Accelerometer

Here's a video of a balance bot concept with two wheels. [code] $n=0 $D0Pos=GetServo(D0) $D1Pos=GetServo(D1) ServoSpeed(d1,0) $posA=50 $posB=50 :Top $n=$n+1 #print("MMAX=$mmAX MMAY=$MMAY MMAZ=$MMAZ n=$n") if ($mmay`>116) $posa=$PosA+2 servo(D1,$posA) #sleep(200) $posb=$posb-2 servo(D0,$posB) #sleep(200) endif #sleep(200) release(D0) release(D1) goto(Top) [/code] Best, Bill

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Created by EEGbiofeedback

Very Simple Claw

Hi... During my experiments to transform everyday hardware in robot pieces, I came up with the need to build a very simple hand... Something. After trying a few desings, I created these very afordable ones, tha I would like to share with you... Later I'll post a simple how to... Tevans

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Created by tevans

Tellymate Tiny

Since it was mentioned a few days ago it has been at the forefront of my mind bugging me to play with it, so let's play :) First I will cover the wiring of the TellyMate Tiny to the EZ-B and then I will cover how to use it. So, when you get one it'll turn up and you have a bunch of bits; 1. Composite Video Cable 2. TellyMate Tiny board 3. Angled Pin Headers 4. Straight Pin Headers 5. 3x2 Pin Header for ISP First things...

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Richie Rich's Tutoral Index :)

NOTE: This topic is over a year old and was started when the EZ-B V3 was current. Some topics linked to and projects listed may be out of date. Always check the information is current. If in doubt, ask! To make it easier, and to save from bookmarking a bunch of pages just bookmark this one, this is an index of all tutorials and related downloads :) All complete and working with the exception of those noted (In Progress). Note: These are...

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