Revolution Roli

Soften Roli Rubber Treads

Roli's treads are tough! Because of the strong high quality rubber used, they may stiffen over time. Specifically if left without being used for some time. This guide is aimed at assisting to loosen/soften Roli's treads and get him rock'n and wheel'n!

Soften With a Soak


According to Wiki How, mix a solution of three parts rubbing alcohol to one part wintergreen oil. Make sure that the amount of the solution is enough to completely cover the rubber tread when placed in the container. Although both these liquids can be handled safely in small quantities, it may be best to use tongs or gloves when inserting and removing the rubber treads. At very least, you will keep your hands from smelling like wintergreen!

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Last updated 11/6/2016

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