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MYO Gesture Armband

The MYO is a creative controller for interacting with your ez-robot. It uses gestures and an accelerometer to trigger actions, events and move servos. The servos can mimic your movement using the built-in accelerometer. Before we begin with the tutorial, meet Paul from Thalmic Labs, the manufacturer of Myo, as he provides a quick introduction of Myo with EZ-Robot.

Follow the simple instructions in this video and give your JD robot the ability to mimic your movements with the Myo Gesture Armband.


The Myo Gesture Control Armband is an interactive method to control your ez-robot.

Load EZ-Builder

We will use JD in this example to move his arm with the Myo.

However, this process can easily be applied to any ez-robot configuration.

Load the most recent JD project from the EZ-Cloud

Connect to your robot

double tap the Calibrate frame to put JD in the calibration position

Project -> Add Control -> Miscalanous -> Myo

The accelometer position of the Myo will be displayed while you move your arm

There are three options on the Myo form
- Configuration menu button
- Pause checkbox
- and C for Calibrate, which will reset the myo's alignment to your position

Press the Config button

This is where we configure how the Myo will control the robot

For this tutorial, we will specify servos to be moved with the Myo accelerometer

To see what servos we wish to move, press the Port Summary tab

We will use JD's Right Shoulder (D2) and Right Upper Arm (D7)

Return to accerolmeter tab

The X Axis is the right and left horizontal movement which we will assign to JD's upper arm

Press the X Axis Port

Select D7

Press Close

*We will now adjust the mininum and maximum range thst the servo will move

*Click and drag Min until the arm is in an acceptable position

*Click and drag Max until the arm is in an acceptable position

To increase the sensitivity on the X Axis, adjust it to 2.25 so your arm doens't have to wave as wide to move the servos

Press the Y Axis Port will be to JD's shoulder which is the up and down vertical movement

select D2

Press Close

*** REPEAT SAME TEXT about Min and Max

Press Save

Hold your arm out

Ensure PAUSE is not checked

Move your arm and the robot will move as well

As you can see, only the upper should servos are moving. Let's set the elbow to bend and add gestures to open and close the gripper

Press Config

Press Multi Servo on X Axis

Press Add Servo

The Right Forearm servo is D8

Press Port

Select D8

Press Close

*** REPEAT SAME TEXT about Min and MAx

Press SAVE

Lets add a gripper gesture

Press Poses tab

Press editor icon on Fist gesture

Press Port Summary

The right Gripper is D9

Servo(d9, 90)


Press editor icon on Open gesture

Servo(d9, 50)

Press Save

Press Save again

There you go, now JD will copy your arm movements!

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Last updated 5/14/2015

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