Revolution JD

RGB Animations

This RGB LED block and JD's eyes contains 18 RGB LEDs (that means 54 LEDs in total), and plugs directly into the ez-bv4 Wi-Fi Robot Controller. Each LED's color and brightness can be adjusted individually with transition fading in animations! This module is controlled from the ez-builder RGB Animator, which allows you to create unlimited animations. This activity requires either a JD Humanoid or 18 RGB LED Block

What You Will Need

  • JD with charged battery or RGB LED Eyes
  • Windows PC with EZ-Builder installed


Create animations with 18 rgb leds to give your robot personality

The rgb array comes in 3 flavors.

Accompanies the servos and camera of the humanoid head as eyes.

Built into the RGB Extension Block, which allows additional ez-bits to be connected

And as a DIY PCB for custom robots.

The RGB array connects to any of the 3 i2c ports on the ez-b v4.

Programming animations with the RGB Array is done with EZ-Builders RGB Animator Control.

Load EZ-Builder, connect to your EZ-B and load the RGB Animator Control.

Add Control -> i2c -> RGB Animator

Like all controls in ez-builder, the gear icon loads the settings for this control

Press New Action and enter "My Animation" as the name

This action will repeat forever. Check the This Action Repeats checkbox

Press Add New Frame

Select the RGB LEDs that you wish to change the color of

Slide the TrackBar of a color to adjust the brightness

Multiple colors can be mixed

Specify the PAUSE or Transition time for this frame of your animation

Blue question marks are available for additional help per command

For a quick transition, i will set the pause to 0

Add a bunch of new frames for your custom animation by changing RGB LED colors and transition time, etc

Once you have a bunch of frames defied with your action, press the SAVE button

Select the My Animation and press Execute

Here's instructions on starting the rgb animator with a voice command

say "robot start my animation" and the animation begins

Add Control -> Audio -> Speech Recognition

The VU meter will show your voice as it is being detected. If it is not, you may need to configure your microphone and train your voice. Connect to the internet and press the ? question mark for assistance on this control

Now press the gear to open the settings dialog

In a new blank row, enter the phrase "robot start my animation" (robot speaks and plays animation)

Now press the pencil icon in the script column to load the ez-script editor

We will use the Cheat Sheet tab to make this much easier

Press Cheat Sheet tab

All commands for controls in your project are listed here

Locate the Speech Recognition section

Press the ControlCommand for My Animation

It will be added to your code

For fun, let's also add a command to have the robot speak when the animation starts

Enter a new line before the ControlCommand and type SayEZB("Here is my fancy animation")

Press Save to close the editor

Press save to close the speech recognition settings

"Robot Start My Animation"

(robot speaks and plays animation)

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Last updated 5/14/2015

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