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Building JD Humanoid


EZ-Robot Revolution Software Apps include assembly instructions for your JD Humanoid robot. When you load a project, the EZ-Builder software will download the required EZ-Bits and ask if you would like to view the assembly instructions. In this lesson, we will explain how to assemble your JD Humanoid robot.

Don't Have a Windows PC?

Many of the tutorial videos demonstrate how to build JD using the Windows software. If you do not have a Microsoft Windows computer, watch the video below and follow along to build JD. Once JD is built, you may skip the Windows lessons and jump directly to the Mobile App Lesson.

Let's Get Building!

Identify JD's Servos

If the stickers on the shoulder servo wires have fallen off, visit the tutorial HERE.

Connecting Camera

The EZ-Robot Camera connects to the EZ-B v4 with a 6 pin cable. Notches on the male connector match the EZ-B's female connector. This prevents the plug from connecting incorrectly. The camera connection is unique, making it easy to identify where to connect. It is impossible to connect the camera cable to the wrong connector, as it only fits in the matching plug.

Connecting Servos & I/O

Much like your home theater speakers, the cables of the EZ-B and peripherals are color coded. The BLACK cable on the peripheral (i.e. servo) will connect to match the BLACK side of the EZ-B connector.

Servo Orientation

*Note: Keep a close eye on the EZ-Bit's physical features so you can identify the orientation. In this example, notice the direction of the servo with recognizable features of the real physical EZ-Bit in your hand. If you connect an EZ-Bit backward, your robot will behave funny and not work as expected - but might be worth the laugh!

Reference Image

Use this image as reference for correct Servo Orientation during the building process of your JD Humanoid Robot.

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Last updated 5/9/2017

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