Revolution Roli

Create a Robot Dance


Robot Overlord DJ Sures and special guest Kyra show you how to program your own dance with JD using the Soundboard and Auto Position controls. This lesson applies to any of the three robots (Roli, Six & JD), however some of the naming selections may look different per robot. We will be using the Sound Board Control in this example. By using existing Auto Position Actions, we will have the robot dance to your favorite MP3 music.

Kyra's Dance Dance Zumba app is also available for download in the Robot Appstore HERE.

What You Will Need

  • JD, Six, or Roli with charged battery
  • Windows PC with EZ-Builder installed
  • An MP3 of your favorite song (Or download free music here)

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Last updated 1/9/2015

Table of Contents

8. Blockly