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Camera Focus and Cleaning


In this lesson, we will explain how to focus and clean your camera. The only time you will need to repeat this process is if your camera becomes dirty. The lens of your robot may have sticky residue from the protective lens sticker during manufacturing. This will result in a blurry image and can be resolved by cleaning with the procedure below.

What You Will Need

  • A connected EZ-B and attached camera
  • A PC with latest EZ-Builder installed
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Cotton swab (optionally rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner with ammonia)

Step 1

Get your camera EZ-Bits ready.

Step 2

Connect to your camera.

Step 3

If the image looks blurry you will need to focus your camera.

Step 4

* Warning: Not all EZ-Robot Cameras can be adjusted for focus. Verify your camera does not have glue on the thread of the lens. If your camera does, it is a fixed focal length and the focus is unable to adjusted. Attempting focus adjustment on a camera with lens glue will result in damaging the lens and surrounding enclosure. Skip this step if you have glue securing the lens into manufacturer measured fix point and proceed to the next step for lens cleaning.

Only proceed with this step if your camera lens does not have glue holding the threads for fixed focus. With your pliers, gently turn the outer ring of the lens to change the focus until the picture on your screen is no longer blurry. The lense will rotate in both directions, rotating in one direction may make the image even blurrier. Do not exceed the limits of the lense rotation. Note: Careful not to push the camera into the enclosure.

Step 5

Finish by cleaning the lens with a Cotton swab. Gently wipe the lense with the Cotton swab. You may also use a dab of rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner with ammonia.

Last updated 5/5/2017

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