Revolution Roli

Making Roli Move


Now that you have calibrated, assembled and connected to Roli, we will show you how to make him move. In this lesson we will bring your Roli Rover Robot to life! In the previous Lesson, we have demonstrated how to load the Roli Project. This is a continuation from the last lesson.

What You Will Need

  • An calibrated, assembled and connected Roli with charged battery
  • A PC with EZ-Builder Installed

Step 1

Ensure your Roli project is loaded and you have connected to the robot. If you have skipped the step to connect and load roli's project, view the tutorial here.

Step 2

You may now use the different controls in the project and have Roli drive around and explore. The Arrow buttons in the HBridge PWM Control will move the robot. The sliders on the right of the control are the speed for each track (Left and Right, respectively). When the slider is up, that is the highest speed.

If you wish to use the keyboard arrow keys, click your mouse cursor into the black box under the Arrow Buttons. This will allow you to use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move Roli.

*Note: If your Roli is not moving, the wires may be connected incorrectly to the motors. Visit this tutorial for assistance with motor wiring.

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Last updated 6/12/2015

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