Connecting to JD over WiFi


In this lesson, we will explain how to connect to your JD robot using your PC. You will load EZ-Builder and connect to JD over Wi-Fi. Lie JD on his back on a flat surface for this lesson.

What You Will Need

  • An assembled JD with charged battery
  • A Windows PC with EZ-Builder Installed

Step 1

Load EZ-Builder and press the OPEN button under the FILE menu.

*Note: Always ensure you have the latest EZ-Builder. When you load EZ-Builder and have a connection to the internet, it will notify you if there is a newer version.

Step 2

In EZ-Builder, the open file dialog window will display. Press the EXAMPLES button in the top left to open the example robots.

Step 3

Locate the JD project and press the OPEN button.

Step 4

Your JD project is now loaded.

*Note: If you receive warning messages about missing EZ-Bits or an unfamiliar "Open Assembly Instructions" dialog, then you must not have completed the prerequisites mentioned earlier. Please complete the lessons recommended above in the prerequisites section before continuing.

Step 5

Turn JD's power switch to the ON or 1 position. Early Revolution robots have a power switch labelled ON/OFF, while the newer robots are labelled with a 0/1.

*Note: JD's servos will jolt/twitch when the power is turned on. This is normal behavior as the servos will move when initialized with power.

Step 6

When the power switch is turned to the ON position, the EZ-B will be flashing Blue. This means it is ready for a Wi-Fi connection.

Here is a video of the expected startup sound, servo-motor twitch and RGB eyes lighting up when JD is powered on.

Step 7

Locate JD's EZ-B Wi-Fi Access Point in your Wi-Fi Networks List. This is accessed by pressing the Wi-Fi button on your system tray.

Step 8

Lie JD down on his back. Do not stand him up or he will fall when the connection occurs from EZ-Builder. When EZ-Builder connects, commands will be sent that move JD's servos to initialize their position. JD must be lying down when connecting.

Step 9

Press the CONNECT button and a connection will occur from the PC to the EZ-B v4 in JD. His servos will instantly initialize into the calibration position.

*Note: If you have calibrated JD's servos, it is normal for JD's servos to make buzzing noises. The EZ-Robot Revolution Servos are Heavy Duty with metal gears, which is how our robots are able to stand, walk and dance. Due to the strength of our servos, they can be a little noisy. It is normal for robots to have noisy joints while holding positions under their own weight, just like in the movies. :)

Step 10

Once connected, JD will jump into the initialization position. The initialize position has JD's arms out and feet flat. They may not be aligned perfectly flat, but they should not be bent and buzzing. If the joints of JD do not initialize to the correct position demonstrated in the above image, shut down the robot immediately and skip to the Calibration Procedure near the end of this course before operating JD.


Advance to the next lesson - we're close to having JD doing awesome stuff!

Last updated 4/16/2017

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