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Assembly Instructions


EZ-Robot Revolution Software Apps include assembly instructions for your robot. When you load a project, the EZ-Builder software will download the required EZ-Bits and ask if you would like to view the assembly instructions. In this lesson, we will explain how the assembly instructions work and teach you to become an expert robot builder! We will use Six as an example.

*Note: Using the software for assembly is a good idea, but not required. For those who prefer online assembly instructions, they are included in the next lesson within this course. Advance to the next lesson to follow web-based assembly instructions rather than using the EZ-Builder Software.

Step 1

Load the EZ-Builder software. Press the OPEN button in the File menu. This will open a local file from your hard drive. There are many example projects included in the EZ-Builder installation.

Step 2

The File Open dialog will appear. Press the EXAMPLES button on the top right of the dialog window. This will view all example projects and respective sub folders. In this lesson, we will use the Six Hexapod Robot as an example. You may press the OPEN button on the robot that you are building, as this lesson is universal to all Revolution Robots.

Step 3

EZ-Builder will now look on your computer to see if there are EZ-Bits downloaded for this robot. If the EZ-Bits are not cached on your computer, a menu will be displayed asking to SYNC (download) the required EZ-Bit files. Press the SYNC button to download and synchronize the required files.

*Note: An internet connection is required to synchronize the files.

Step 4

The EZ-Bit Library window will appear and begin downloading the required files. The status bar will show the progress of each file that is downloaded. The debug window will display textual information about the downloads. It will display the current file that is downloading, the file size and the author of the EZ-Bit. In future tutorials, we will teach you how to create your own EZ-Bits to share with the world!

Step 5

Now that the EZ-Bit files have been downloaded, a dialog menu will appear asking if you would like to see the assembly instructions. The assembly instructions will guide you through building the robot from EZ-Bits. How cool is that?! Very cool, we think! Press the YES button to begin the guided assembly.

Step 6

The assembly window displays automated step-by-step instructions to build your robot. There are many easy-to-use features on this screen. Here are the most commonly used features:

  • a) This window will display the EZ-Bit that you will be adding and where to connect it. The instructions will always start with the body of the robot, and build from there.
  • b) The current EZ-Bit and a history of EZ-Bits are displayed along the right of the window. The name of the EZ-Bit and a description is displayed for you.
  • c) The shopping cart button will redirect you to the EZ-Robot Online Store to purchase the EZ-Bit or obtain product information. If you do not have the EZ-Bit in your collection, this button allows you to purchase it and we'll ship it to you.
  • d) The EZ-Builder software is full of ? (question marks) and i (information) buttons. Pressing this information button will open a new window with details about the EZ-Bit, including 3D Printing Source Files so you can 3D Print the EZ-Bit at home!

Step 7

The NEXT button will advance to the next EZ-Bit in the build process. Watch the 3D Window because the next EZ-Bit will fly in to show you where it connects with Clip'n'Play. The current EZ-Bit is highlighted so you know which one it is.

Step 8

Some EZ-Bits will require a wired connection to the EZ-B v4. The graphic displays the port(s) on the EZ-B v4 for the connection. The text beneath the graphic give details of the port they connect too.

  • a) A graphic of the EZ-B v4 with the ports highlighted for the connection. The EZ-B v4 has the port titles written on small labels beside each port. This graphic shows you where to look for the port on the EZ-B v4.
  • b) Displays written description of connections for the EZ-Bit to the EZ-B v4. If an EZ-Bit has more than one connection, a list will be displayed here.

*Note: When connecting servos to the EZ-B, pay attention to match the colors. Connect the BLACK wire of the servo to the BLACK side of the EZ-B pins. Here is a video.

Step 9

To obtain a different view of the connection, the VIEW control buttons allow you to change the camera angle. Pressing the buttons will rotate the view and allow you to zoom in and out.

Step 10

Keep a close eye on the EZ-Bit's physical features so you can identify the orientation. In this example, notice the direction of the servo with recognizable features of the real physical EZ-Bit in your hand. If you connect an EZ-Bit backward, your robot will behave funny and not work as expected - but might be worth the laugh!

Step 11

Continue pressing the NEXT button to advance through each step of the assembly process. When the assembly is completed, the button will display a CLOSE button. This informs you that the last instruction step has been completed and the window will close when pressed.

Tip #1

To access the Build Instructions at any time again, you can press the INSTRUCTIONS menu option located in the PROJECT menu.


You have built your first EZ-Robot Revolution! The robot App will be displayed in the EZ-Builder Software. Have fun and enjoy your robot!

Last updated 5/18/2017

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