Battery Care & Charging


This tutorial introduces the charger, battery and how to charge the robot. Your EZ-Robot Revolution Robot includes a Balance Charger for the 7.4v LiPo battery including AC/Mains adapters for international countries. The EZ-B v4 includes a battery saver feature which prevents the robot from operating when the battery requires charging.

Charge Before First Use

The LiPo battery in your EZ-Robot must be fully charged before using. This will ensure a proper synchronization between the LiPo battery and charging unit. Not charging LiPo batteries before using is detrimental to the longevity of LiPo batteries.

Disconnect After Charged

Keeping a battery connected to the charger after it has fully charged may drain the battery. Disconnect the battery from the charger once the charging process has completed.

Battery Monitor

LiPo stands for Lithium Polymer or Lithium-ion Polymer. LiPo batteries should never be drained passed the battery monitor limits, which is why we included a Battery Saver in the EZ-B v4. The robot will become non-operational while the EZ-B v4 battery monitor is verbally warning and must be shut off immediately to avoid draining the battery.

Disabling the battery monitor increases the risk of damaging the LiPo. When a LiPo battery is drained below the recommended threshold, it will begin to "puff up" and swell. A swollen/puffy battery not only performs poorly, but may become unsafe and possibly explode.

*Warning: Do not run/use/power-on your robot while the battery charger is connected to the battery - doing so may cause the battery to overheat and explode.

Cool Down

For optimal battery performance, provide a 30 minute minimum cool-down period after use before recharging batteries. Cool the battery and robot away from direct sunlight before charging. Batteries may be recharged many times per day when 30 minute cool down period is provided.

Replacement Batteries

Optionally, additional or replacement batteries are available here.

Charging Locations

Connect the battery charging cable into the balance charger port. The images below show where to find the battery charging cable on all three Revolution robots bodies.

Charger Manuals

Select your charger version from the images below to view the respective operation manual.


linkman.jpgVersion 3

The latest EZ-Robot charger is also the easiest and most reliable. Instructions for this charger are very straight forward. Connect the charger to the AC Mains power outlet and verify the power LED is lit. Connect the battery to the appropiate charger port. The charging status LEDs are detailed below.

Power (Red):: Power
Charging (Red): : Currently Charging
Charging (Green): : Charging Complete

e3.jpgVersion 2

s3.JPGVersion 1

The RED led indicates that AC/Mains power has been supplied to the charger. If there is not a battery connected to the charger, the GREEN light should be off.

Notice the GREEN light when the battery is charging. The balance charger detects the battery voltage and begins charging the battery when the GREEN light glows.

*Note: The charger will get quite warm (hot in some cases) while the battery is charging. This is normal and depends on how much charging the battery requires.

When the GREEN light stops glowing, the battery is charged. Charging the battery should not take longer than 3 hours. In most cases, it will take less than 1.5 hours to charge from the level of the EZ-B v4's Battery Saver.

Last updated 5/16/2017

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