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EZ-B v4 Wi-Fi Modes

The EZ-B v4’s integrated Wi-Fi has an embedded webserver, DHCP server (for access point mode) and configurable connection modes. The Wi-Fi connection will also use B/G/N modes with WPA, WPA2 and WEB security. When the Reset Button is pressed, the network settings will be reset to the default configuration.

Web Server

To configure the Wi-Fi settings, the EZ-B v4 webserver can be accessed by your web browser. If the EZ-B v4 is in Access Point Mode, the default web address will be If the EZ-B is in Client Mode, you will use the IP Address that EZ-Builder has detected (i.e. http://<ip address≥).

Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) Mode

The EZ-B v4 becomes a Wi-Fi Server which allows your device to connect to it. This is the default setting for the EZ-B v4. In this mode, your device (i.e. Computer, iPad, iPhone, etc.) will connect directly to the EZ-B v4 over its Wi-Fi network. You will lose access to the internet if connected this way, unless your device has two network adapters.

Wi-Fi Client Mode

The EZ-B v4 will connect to your existing Wi-Fi network as a client, much like your iPhone, iPad and Computer. When the EZ-B v4 is connected to your Wi-Fi network, you may not know the IP Address that it is assigned. The EZ-Builder software includes a network scan tool which will find all EZ-B v4’s on your network.

Dual Wifi

This is the easiest and most popular method of connecting to both the Internet and Robot at the same time, by having two WiFi adapters in your PC. You can add a second WiFi adapter via USB from Best Buy or other electronic retailers. If you are interested the Dual WiFi, that means connecting with TWO USB WiFi antennas, there is additional information HERE.

Serial/USB Connectivity

The EZ-B v4.x/2 also has the ability to allow connections using USB and Serial. This is not covered in this tutorial and can be found HERE.

Previous Client Mode Tutorial

Here is the previous client mode tutorial that was made when the EZ-B v4 was first released. This is shorter and more concise than the newer WiFi mode connection video.

User Contribution

There are many tutorials created by community users on our forum for a variety of subjects. Our member TechnoPro has created a Wi-Fi Mode Tutorial which is quite useful

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Last updated 6/21/2017

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