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Introduction to Robotics

Experience a journey with the origin of robotics, the three laws of robotics, and their potential impact on our lives. Professor E takes you through a history of robotics and reveals some interesting practical applications of robotics!

From the Jacquard loom to modern computers, Professor E gives an overview of programming, algorithms, and how we use code to talk to computers.

Practice Safe Robot-ing

While ezrobot makes developing robots easy, it's important to remember that we must be responsible and consider how the application helps humanity... not destroy it.

For instance, ezrobot hugely disagrees with BattleBots, because it demonstrates robots being destructive – rather than helping society.

Artificial intelligence gets a bad rep sometimes. Mostly it is misunderstood. However, there are still valid concerns of how it is used. Because the relational network of an artificial intelligent application is so vast, it's nearly impossible for us to predict the “thought” process. Without implementing safe guards, an AI could, over time, be making incredibly dangerous decisions for humans... going unnoticed because the point to AI is to replace humans, so there would be no one around to notice what's happening.

An example of AI could be making investment decisions - quicker and more responsive than a human, making it difficult to recognize a possibly dangerous trend before it's too late. The investment trend could be providing financial benefits but funding possibly corrupt companies or dangerous products.

Other concerns of AI are responsibility. Who is held responsible when a life altering decision is made? If a human were to make the bad decision, they would be let-go from employment. With AI, the only recourse is to hope it would "learn" to not make the same decision again. There's no consequence or responsibility for its actions. This is a significant concern in medical and political roles for AI

Robots in warfare may sound like good ideas because they're not human soldiers. However, the robots are killing enemy humans, which still isn't an ideal solution.

When building an ezrobot and using our easy programming software, it's important to consider how the robot will help humanity. Because ezrobot provides access to machine learning, navigation and advanced vision recognition, these features should be used for doing good – not evil.

We call this safe robot-ing :)

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Last updated 12/4/2018

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