Wireless Camera Diagnostics

This Tutorial explains how to begin using the EZ-Robot Wireless Camera with your robot. This tutorial also explains how to pair the Camera to the USB Dongle if it has lost the pairing. Please follow the directions in the video, they are also written below in step-by-step format. :)

How To Use

  1. Open your EZ-Robot Complete Kit. Locate and remove the Wireless Camera and USB Dongle
  2. Insert the USB Dongle into your computer and let windows install default drivers
  3. Charge the camera for at least 2 hours before using
  4. To turn on the camera, Press and hold the power button for 2-4 seconds
  5. Load the EZ-Builder software
  6. Select Add Control, Camera and choose Camera Device
  7. From the Video Device list, select Wireless PC Camera
  8. The image from the wireless camera will be displayed
  9. You may now enable cool features for your robot, including Color Tracking or motion tracking! And don't forget the video recording feature.
  10. To turn off the camera power, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. That's 5 Mississippi's :)

Pairing With USB Dongle

  1. If your camera doesn't display an image. It may not be paired with the USB Dongle.
  2. Using a small philips screw driver remove the two screws on the back of the USB Dongle
  3. Using a small flat-head screw driver, gently seperate the plastic shell
  4. You may notice the PCB is glued to the plastic housing. Do not pull or you will break the PCB.
  5. Use a small flat-head screw driver to gently break the glue free from the housing.
  6. Now you may remove the PCB from the housing
  7. Insert the USB Dongle into your PC
  8. Once again, Load EZ-Builder and select the Wireless Device from the Video Device in the Camera Control
  9. Once the status LED's light, Locate the side Pairing button on the USB Dongle and press it for 2 seconds until the LED begins to flash
  10. Press and hold the camera power button for 2 seconds to turn ON the power
  11. Pause for 1 second
  12. Press and release the camera button once more
  13. The Wireless camera and USB Dongle is now paired. You should now see the image from the wireless camera within EZ-Builder.