Inline 5V regulator (30cm)

$8.99 USD

This voltage regulator has the simple task of taking a large voltage and converting it to a smaller voltage – in this case, 5VDC. This regulator also adds the convenience of quickly interfacing a 5V servo or sensor to an ez-bv4 with it’s standard 3 wire interface.

For ages 12+

This 30cm inline voltage regulator will connect to any one of the ez-bv4 digital ports to regulate the input voltage to 5V for servos or sensors that operate at 5V. With built in thermal shutdown protection this regulator can save your peripheral by cutting the power if too much current is drawn. The inline 5V regulator also includes an onboard power LED and a 30cm color coded (White-Red-Black) cable for quick and easy servo/sensor interfacing. The ez-bv4 operates at 3.3V logic but is has the added feature of having 5V tolerant digital pins, so this cable is perfect for interfacing to all kinds of 5V peripherals with your ez-bv4.


Max current draw:
Max input voltage:
Typical dropout voltage:
Wire length:
Black – Ground, Red - Positive Voltage, White - Signal

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