InspirEd Curriculum for EZ-Robots

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A comprehensive exploration into the world of robotics. Effortlessly guide students from "what is a servo", through programming (i.e. vision tracking), all the way to understanding what artificial intelligence is. For ages 12+

This is much more than an operators manual, the curriculum is taught in context of the real world - it helps students understand the impact that robotics will have, both within the workplace and society. In addition to learning "real-world" programming skills, students who complete this course will have more robotics knowledge than 99.99% of people in North America.

And while the curriculum is very comprehensive, it's also incredibly easy-to-use. It's a self-directed curriculum, meaning that teachers don't need to be experts in robotics. Any teacher can successfully and confidently teach this curriculum, with no prior robotics or programming experience.

  • One-time fee, meaning that each school can use the curriculum with as many teachers and students as they want, for as long as they want.
  • For grade 7+ reading level. EZ-Robot has customers using it as low as 4th grade, and as high as university. It will look a little over-simplified, but that's intentional and by design. We made it as non-frightening as possible. Students are much less afraid to learn robotics than adults are to try to teach it.

Written by a professional social studies curriculum writer. Teachers and administrators think this is brilliant. When deciding to make ezrobot curriculum, we debated having either a robotics professor or social studies curriculum writer. We went with the later. The wisdom of this was evident in initial meetings with the writer. We started by saying, "first thing we need to do is calibrate the servos". The writer replied, "What is a servo?"

Teachers love this story because most do not know what a servo is, or what calibrating a servo means. It makes teachers feel comfortable knowing someone as technologically illiterate as them was able to write the curriculum. It's also why the curriculum took almost a year to write. The benefit is we now have a curriculum that ANYONE can understand and use to teach robotics.

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