Description: DJ was browsing his robot collection when he spotted the WowWee RoboSapien. He had an eureka moment and wondered if it was possible to control the RobotSapien's microcontroller from the EZ-B. After disecting the RoboSapien and examining the Infrared Sensor - he realized the communication protocol could be reverse engineered.

Using his Saleae LLC Logic Analyzer, he spent some time reverse engineering each command from the Infrared Remote Control that ships with the RoboSapien. He added support in the EZ-B Firmware (v15.9+) for the communication. The modification to the RoboSapien is very easy and can be done by just about anyone. Watch the video to see what amazing features you can add to your old RoboSapien toy!


Parts Used: 1 x EZ-Robot Complete Kit [Buy]
1 x RoboSapien (v1 or v2)

Development Enviroment: EZ-B v3 Bluetooth Controller Board
EZ-Builder Software

Tools: Hot Glue Gun
Soldering Iron
Philips Screw Driver
Wire Cutters